5 In-Demand Career Options For Software Developers

There are several in-demand career options for software developers. According to recent studies, the job outlook in the software development industry is projected to grow over 20% through 2026. Notably, the average growth rate for all occupations is only about 7%. With such immense growth opportunity, software development professionals are well-positioned to attain secure, successful careers.

As a developer, you need to know the most in-demand jobs on the market. This way, you can send your application to the right companies to get hired. Read on to discover the most in-demand career options for software developers. 

Business Analyst

First, a business analyst is one of the highest demand jobs in the software industry. Typically, these professionals work to bridge the gap between business and technical teams. These individuals are often responsible for ensuring the requirements, limitations, and timelines are understood by both the client and the developers.

Additionally, business analysts may assist with testing and quality assurance, depending on the development team’s structure. Thus, it is important to have extensive product knowledge if you’re interested in this career path. Moreover, you may qualify for an entry-level business analyst job if you have a business or design background along with your coding skills. Definitely, a business analyst is perfect for individuals looking to bridge the gap between business and development.

DevOps Program Manager

In addition, DevOps program manager are also in high demand as more developers switch to this methodology. If you are interested in increasing the speed, agility, and quality of your deployments, this is a great opportunity for you. Of course, it’s important to have extensive knowledge and experience with DevOps tools.

For example, devops tools by JFrog can work with almost all major software platforms to accelerate your binary deliveries securely through your pipeline. Additionally, these tools enable development teams to run a fully automated pipeline, from code to production. Furthermore, it is reliably scalable to support your growing storage, user, and server needs. As a future DevOps program manager, you can use these tools to ensure enterprise success. 

Machine Learning Engineer

Next, machine learning engineers are also in demand on the job market. Importantly, this core sector of software development empowers computers to develop insights and data on their own. For example, many major organizations use machine learning to power advanced technologies, such as self-driving cars, cyber fraud detection, social media friend suggestions, and media recommendations. Notably, a machine learning engineering career requires strong knowledge in programming and mathematics to develop the proper algorithms. Experience using ML platforms and tools can also increase your chances of getting hired. Certainly, machine learning engineers are in high demand as more and more companies look to target ads in real-time, amplify security, and advance their technology.

Game Developer

Moreover, game developers also have a positive job outlook. Typically, these professionals specialize in difference gaming frameworks and engines to release games for different platforms. Importantly, the most widely used programming language in the industry is C++. Ideally, you should also have background knowledge in 3D graphics or animation for the best chance of securing a career.

Additionally, augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) is rising in popularity in this industry sector as well. Thus, knowledge of AR/VR platforms can help you break into gaming industry. To succeed in this field, you will need strong skills for design, programming, and writing. If you want to better refine your skillset, consider going to school for a computer science or animation degree. Absolutely, game developers are a great career option for individuals with AR/VR knowledge and 3D graphics experience.  

Cybersecurity Analyst

Furthermore, many organizations are looking to hire cybersecurity analysts. Importantly, these professionals are crucial to protecting sensitive IT infrastructure, including networks, software, and hardware. These individuals are also responsible for monitoring systems, detecting threats, and assessing alarms.

In this field, it is essential to keep up to date with the latest technology to enhance security safeguards. In addition, you will also need to plan for disaster recovery by planning contingency plans for possible breaches. Notably, employers recruiting cybersecurity professionals may prefer a STEM degree in computer science, network security, or information systems. If you have a commitment to protecting sensitive data, a cybersecurity analyst is a great job opportunity for you.

There are several in-demand career options for software developers. First, business analysts are in high-demand to bridge the gap between companies and development teams. Next, many organizations are also hiring machine learning engineers to advance their technologies.

In addition, enterprises are also seeking DevOps program managers to oversee automation and iteration. Moreover, game developers are the perfect career if you have a background in 3D graphics or animation. Furthermore, apply for a cybersecurity analyst position if you have experience monitoring and detecting network threats. Apply for these in-demand career options for software developers.

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