5 Steps For An Effective Email Outreach Strategy

Now that we live in the Internet era, cold calls are merely something that is quite neglected. This is so because, nowadays, it’s so easy to get to influencers by email or any kind of message that marketing and salespeople don’t actually focus on calling and meeting in person.

Reaching influencers to promote your product has never been easier because you don’t have to bother them with calling or arranging a meeting. In fact, this can sometimes be impossible because the influencers you’re trying to reach may be on the other side of the world.

And the truth is—everyone checks their emails daily! According to Lifehack, an average person checks their email between 6 and 20 times per day. So, if you are smart enough, you’ll use that to your advantage.


Have you considered grasping the opportunity to turn the odds in your favor and make it in your marketing and sales career? If this is your goal, we’ll talk about the 5 elements that your emails should include for a more successful outcome.

Enhancing your email outreach strategy will increase your revenue, rate of success, and overall profit. So, read on and implement the strategies that great marketers use to stand out, be noticed, and accepted!

Prospect the Right Contact

Sending outreach emails to dozens, even hundreds, of influencers will take a lot of your time and effort—and, in the end, you might get nothing in return. This is why you have to first conduct your research and reach out to the companies, bloggers or experts that are within your industry and field. 

By creating an email outreach strategy for certain influencers, your products will be promoted to their audience. That’s why it’s very important to check in detail all the companies or individuals you’re going to send an outreach email to. Once you have completed a list, you can easily know which direction you’re going to move and continue on to the second element in our list.

It’s All About the Subject Line!

Whether your email is going to be read or not depends on the subject line. Creating a short but sweet subject line should be your goal in order to attract the reader’s attention to just click on it and read your email. It should be very specific, authentic, and connected with your pitch. An intriguing subject line will more likely lead to a positive outcome in your email outreach technique.

Make It Personal & Valuable

If you put some time into finding out what the influencer you are reaching out to prefers, or where they are heading to for their next project or anything else that will enhance the sense that your email is written precisely for them, we’d like to give you a thumbs up for that.

In your email outreach strategy, you’d have to make every email personalized for the influencer you’re sending it to. If the expert you’re trying to reach “figures out” that they have received an email to which they are just one more email address in the chain, your strategy is doomed to fail.

That’s why you should try harder and send a friendly, valuable, easy-to-read, and worth-reading email pitch.

CTAs Are Crucial!

Calls-to-Action (CTAs) should stand out in your email content. They should lead the reader to actually click on them, even if they are just scanning the text and not reading it in-depth. 

Within the structure of your outreach emails, you should include two CTAs. The first one should be somewhere in the middle of the text and it should be just a link leading the reader to your website or product. The second CTA should be at the bottom of your email, as some sort of reminder, giving the reader more details about why they should click on the link and what they’ll get in return. 

CTAs are crucial because the whole purpose of the outreach email strategy is to drive the bloggers or influencers to your product or website. Only through a CTA will they be able to take effective action.

Why Not Consider a Follow Up?

Sometimes, your first email may leave a good impression, but won’t actually “reach” the influencers you are aiming for. It can also be forgotten and you might not even get a response. This is precisely why you should consider sending a follow-up email that should point to the first one you’ve sent.

The follow-up email is your second chance to get a response and action from an influencer. After a while, you can also write a third email, which will be a second follow up to your original pitch, and that should be your last one. If your third email doesn’t get a response, it means you shouldn’t bother them again and move on to the next one.


All in all, having a successful email outreach strategy depends on several factors. First and foremost, you have to choose a quality and professional email hosting service, such as Domain Name Sanity, which will help you look more credible and reputable.

Other than that, your outreach strategy should include the influencers or bloggers who have the target audience you need, valuable subject lines, CTAs, and personal and authentic emails. If you fulfill all of these “requirements,” success won’t be left out in your email outreach strategy. We wish you luck!

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