EssayPro: Are They Actually “Pros?”

Do a quick Google search for “essay writers” or “academic writing” and one thing becomes clear: professional writing services that cater to college students are out there in abundance. What, then, if anything, makes one stand out from another?

Writing services are not created equal. Not every service that claims to cater to academic clients specializes in essays and term papers. Often, they are general copywriting agencies who outsource to inexperienced writers who don’t know or fully understand the subject. This is where EssayPro stands out.

Does EssayPro offer actual professional writing assistance?

In a word, yes. EssayPro is unique in that its primary business is academic writing. All EssayPro writers are vetted and verified to be accomplished professionals in their fields. They work directly with clients and only accept jobs wherein they can write (or provide input on existing student work) with real authority.

Essay Pro writing service

Does EssayPro deliver on time?

One of the most frustrating aspects of working with copywriters is getting them to adhere to deadlines. At, term paper and essay writers are required to work within prescribed deadlines to ensure that the papers they produce get handed in on time.

Deadlines as tight as six hours are available, but it is recommended that clients plan. This helps ensure they get the best writers for their specific projects and that the quality of the finished paper is high enough to earn a good grade.

Can EssayPro’s writers cover all academic subjects?

EssayPro specializes in creating and improving content in most common academic areas. Some fringe topics can also be brokered with specific writers who have experience in those particular niches. Under most circumstances, students should be able to find a writer with the expertise to handle the assignment.

Can EssayPro look over my paper and give me some feedback on it?

EssayPro offers three distinct services:

  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Full-service essay and term paper development

All services are available at reasonable rates. They will happily just proofread and provide feedback if that is all the student wants.

What makes EssayPro different among similar service providers?

EssayPro maintains a commitment to students’ success whether they pay to use the service or not. Both clients and casual site visitors have access to the site’s entire academic blog – no membership or login required.

The information contained therein is often enough to help students who struggle in specific areas of writing get over key hurdles and produce better quality writing all on their own. With that level of commitment to just site visitors, imagine how well they treat their clients.

Pros and Cons

We’ve already given several great reasons to work with EssayPro from six-hour deadlines on select projects to right professional academic writers to top-notch customer support services.

There are only two real negatives. First, some of the best writers book out for the semester very early making it difficult to meet deadlines without adequate prior planning.

Second, even with all the free resources, the best results will be achieved by utilizing the premium services offered on the site – something that could preclude some students from seeking help.

How much does the service cost?

EssayPro offers a convenient price calculator that gives an accurate gauge of cost for single projects. All prices are the negotiable, and the actual value is determined between the writer and the client.

Does EssayPro offer discounts or refunds?

Discounted rates are available on some projects, depending mostly on the length of the paper. Passing grades are guaranteed, and refunds are offered to students who receive failing marks on a paper developed and written by EssayPro. Certain other qualifying criteria also apply.

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