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The Fight Between Facebook and Adblock Plus ( ABP )

The fight between facebook and Adblock Plus (ABP ) is turning out to be a huge one. Facebook has rolled a new update of its newsfeed which has promised to show much relevant and interesting content to users along with the new way to control the ads you see.

Facebook is really pushing its ads much more than the natural ads utilizing all the portions in the layout. Be it in News feed or in the Side bar. Usually, users who don’t like much ads are using Ad block plugins wherein the ads will be blocked and much more clean view of the web page will be delivered.

FB ads

Though this has been the case of the user but for the webmasters who are surviving on the revenue generated by that ads are pretty much concerned about them.

Facebook v/s ABP ( Adblock Plus  )

It has all started with the recent Facebook update where they stated about by passing Adblock filters because they believe that FB ads  support their mission of giving people more power to share. So what they have decided is that the ads which now appear in newsfeed or sidebar will be controlled by the users.

we’re putting control in people’s hands with our updated ad preferences and our other advertising controls.

The main problem started here with FB ads by passing the Adblock filters and showing ads even though the extension is enabled. Actually, these companies pay the amount to Adblockers to whitelist their site. So, even though the adblockers are enabled you can see the ads if the site is whitelisted ( i.e the company starts paying ) but facebook doesn’t want to pay them to be whitelisted instead updating with new algorithms to show the ad even though the blocking software is enabled.

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Reply from ABP ( Adblock Plus )

Ben Williams from ABP has termed this  circumvent users with ad-blocking software and show them ads  as and dark path against user choice. So they have challenged themselves and had promised to bring out a much-advanced version which will outsmart the FB ads and block them.

After 2 days of this announcement, ABP has come out with an updated which will block FB ads. The coders at ABP has  released a code where you should update ABP filters with that code to block FB ads. Here is the code below[id^=”substream_”] ._5jmm[data-dedupekey][data-cursor][data-xt][data-xt-vimpr=”1″][data-ftr=”1″][data-fte=”1″]



As of now, there is no reply from the Facebook team regarding this. Going with a fight between two now the FB team will come out with a new update and then ABP and so on. Looking like this Cat & mouse contest will run along unless one of them step down and agree with other. We will keep you updated with the next round of this contest. :p


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