Facebook Privacy Tips That You Need to Know for 2019

2018 wasn’t a particularly easy year for Facebook. Scandal after scandal. Many of its users were disillusioned with the social media giant. No one knew just how insecure their data and privacy were on Facebook. Many of us who stuck with Facebook regardless of all the controversy, didn’t do it out of a maligned sense of loyalty or ignorance. We simply stuck around because we realized that even with all its flaws, the platform is a great place to socialize, share memes, play games, read articles and watch videos.

This does not mean we trust Facebook even if it has promised to do its part in ensuring that our data is safe. We’re a lot more tentative and careful about which questions we answer on social media. It’s still very easy to have your data tracked and monitored on social media. For instance, there are apps like this Free Cell Phone Tracker by Cocospy that not only allow users to track smartphones but their social media activity as well.

More about Cocospy

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If you want to secure your data, you need to know in which ways other users can spy on you and how you can spy on other users. Cocospy comes with an awesome Facebook messenger spy that allows you to view and review private messages and groups chats between users. You can also retrieve profile photos of the people they’re chatting with. It lets you do all of this in three very easy steps.

Spy on Android phones

The application works for Android and iOS devices. It doesn’t require you to root the Android device whose Facebook Messenger you’ll be spying on, which is a first in the industry. Not many (if any) social media apps have this function. This also makes Cocospy a lot harder to detect on the phone you’re spying on.

The same works for iOS devices. You don’t need to Jailbreak the device and you don’t have to install any applications on it to get Cocospy working. It’s a Facebook Messenger spy that really works. So if you need to track your kids or employees Facebook usage, we highly recommend this application.

Finish installation of cocospy

Securing your Facebook Data

Facebook’s freshly implemented security restrictions and privacy policy may not be enough to protect your data. You have to take actual measures to protect yourself while using the social media platform. Here are a few tips you can follow to help you ensure privacy and protect yourself while on Facebook.

  • Configure how you can be found and contacted

If you have your phone number and email addresses linked to your Facebook account. Remove them or make them private so you or your friends are the only ones who can see them.

  • Restrict who can see your future posts

Under privacy, change who can see your future posts from public to friends. You can also change it to Only Me or limit it to certain friends. You must remember though, that your friends can only share public posts. Make a post public upon request if you’re comfortable with it being shared.

  • Protect your old posts

Just like you can restrict the privacy settings of your future posts, you can also do this for past posts. You can change this setting under Privacy> Who can see my stuff?> Limit the audience for posts you’ve shared friends of friends or Public.

  • Hide your birthdate

If you don’t want people knowing your date of birth, you can actually hide it on Facebook. This can be for security reasons or for personal reasons. To hide your date of birth, log into Facebook then tap on Edit Profile under your name near the left-hand column.

You need to scroll down to the About section and select Contact and Basic Info.  You should find your date of birth underneath Basic Information. You can then edit the access level or privacy of your date of birth from here. We advise that you only share your date of birth with your friends or you can limit the privacy to “Only Me”.

  • Hide your relationship status

We all know that there are a lot of stalkers, lurkers and creeps on social media. There are actual people keeping tabs on your relationships on Facebook. So you need to make sure that you hide this so you can protect yourself. You can do this by editing your profile, selecting the About section and then going under the Relationship sub-section. From there you can change your relationship status and who gets to see it.

We recommend that you keep this as private as possible.

  • Prohibit people from posting on your Timeline

Don’t you find it annoying how some friends on your list spam your timeline? Well, you can limit this. Less chance of anyone leaving a link to some malware or spyware. You can edit this by going to Settings> Timeline and Tagging > Who can post on your Timeline?

Click on edit and then change this setting to “Only Me”.

Now you should be the only one who can post on your Timeline.

Final Word

Despite a very turbulent 2018, Facebook still seems to be very popular. As a matter of fact, it’s the most popular social media application with over 1.74 billion mobile active users reported in January of 2019. That’s 22.59 percent of the entire human population on Facebook. I hope this article has given you enough tips to help you keep safe from anyone with malintent on social media.

As always, be careful what you post and share on social media because it can be used against you. People have lost jobs because of what they post on Facebook and Twitter. If you like this article, please share it with your friends and family. Thank you very much for reading.   

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