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How to Fix the Problem of a Macbook Running Slow

When you have purchased your new Macbook, things were going swimmingly and there were absolutely no problems with how it performed. But after some time, the situation has changed and now you are probably stuck with something not that great. 

There is absolutely no reason to panic because you can salvage the situation by doing a few things. They are not difficult, to begin with, and if you read this article, you should be more than set to solve any issues regarding Macbook’s performance.

Scratch Disks

If you are working with software like Photoshop, you may notice “scratch disks are full” errors once in a while. That happens because such software creates its own caches, temporary, and even invisible files. And whenever something takes up extra space on the hard drive, you can bet that it will be responsible for slowing down the performance.

Full Hard Drive

There are plenty of other reasons why your hard drive is not having enough space. And if there is an opportunity to lessen its burden, you need to be at the top of the problem and get right on it. 

Disk Encryption tools

In some instances, you can delete certain files manually, but that is only a fraction of the solution. Look for a cleanup tool that takes care of your system. 

Subpar Storage Optimization

It just so happens that Apple has thought about this problem. Mac storage optimization tips are of great use and you can find them right on your computer. Simply click the Apple menu and choose “About This Mac”. Pick the Storage tab and click “Manage”. A new window will pop out and it will have some recommendations.

Look at all the suggestions and think which of these could be applied to your situation. It is obvious that the more you choose, the better your results will be.

Update macOS

You may notice that whenever there is a new update happening, the computer slows downs a lot. But that happens for a very good reason because these updates are a crucial part of ensuring that your computer is up to par in all aspects, including its performance.

Make sure that there is always a confirmation next to the OS version with how it is up to date. And while most updates take care of themselves automatically, you should still keep a closer eye on this since there is always a possibility of something going wrong, and requiring intervention from a user.

Startup Items

One of the most common problems is the high number of items that launch together with your Macbook. Startup items should be kept to the minimum. Include only those applications that you will use immediately after everything loads. As for the rest, just start them when you actually need them. Finally, if you take care of the list, you will not have to turn off those applications manually every time you start the computer.

Old Hardware

In some cases, your situation may be beyond salvaging simply because the hardware is out of date. There is no other solution than replacing what you can afford and moving on with your life as if nothing happened. A silver lining in all this is the fact that there are new models and features coming out all the time, meaning that there is plenty of stuff that would be a great upgrade even if it is the most recent version.

Cluttered Desktop

Never use your desktop as a place to put all your files. Most users are not aware of this, but every icon there has to be rendered and processed. Thus, if your desktop happens to be a file dump, it is only natural that you are not having a good time using the Macbook.

Browser Junk

Even your browser can be the culprit. The internet is where we spend most of our time while sitting in front of the screen. Do not be in the habit of having multiple tabs open or even installing browser extensions that are flashy but not practical. 

These things add up over time and you find yourself with a bigger problem than you thought of at first. Remove extensions manually and save yourself from a serious headache.

Adding More RAM

While there is a paragraph about replacing hardware, you can always add something instead of replacing it. And RAM is the best example of that. Random-access memory will certainly make a difference if you have been using the same computer for years, and the best part about this option has to be the fact that you purchase extra RAM for a rather cheap price.

In a word, improving your Macbook performance is a relatively simple thing to do. All you need is to follow these tips and before you know it, the situation has turned around completely in your favor. 

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