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FotoJet – Best Photo Editing Software

FotoJet is an all-in-one online graphic tool, it makes collage making, photo designing and photo editing easier and funnier. The graphic tool is customer-friendly so users can use all its options at ease and follow their will. Its edit mode can help you make you make your photo beautiful. You can use crop, resize and rotate to change photo’s size.

Fotojet Photo Editor

You can use their advanced options to make up the shortages that made when you shoot the photo, you are allowed to add effect, overlay and frame to modify it, and you can do more like these. Today, we discuss how to make a collage and design Facebook cover with its collage maker and photo designer. If you like, you can also try its editor which is a power tool to edit the photo.

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Collage maker

Click the COLLAGE or Make a Collage button on the homepage, then you will see lots kinds of collage categories. There are a class collage, creative collage, Mics and different themes cards. Just click any one you want to make a collage with, then you can make your own and unique collage. For example, make a comic collage. Click the picture named comic below Mics, then you will see large numbers of funny templates.

Have a preview on the left list, choose one to use. After clicking the one you want to use, you can upload your photos, and you are allowed to upload photos both from your Facebook and from your computer by clicking the Add Photo button on the top of the right bar. Drag your photos to the right boxes to add them to the template. If you click your photo, it will be added to the template as clipart, you can move it to anywhere of the template.

Fotojet Collage Maker

Use text and clipart on your collage. There are different kinds of text and clipart you can use directly just by clicking. Move mouse to text and clipart. Type your words in the text box you add to and give it some basic adjustment. You can change the position, size, and color of the text, and add outline and glow to it. You can add clipart and adjust it just follow the way of adding text. Adjust its opacity if you need to make it into the watermark.

You could change its background by click any sample background on the BKGround list or upload image from your computer. If you need this one, just make a try.

Photo Designer

Design mode helps you to make a poster, flyer, Facebook cover and so on much easier and quicker. There are many samples of Facebook cover, and all are with the beautiful and pretty image. So you can use them directly after some very slight adjustments, or you can replace them with your photos. You can open your photos from computer, Facebook or search the internet.

Fotojet Photo Designer

Here you are also allowed to add text and clipart like in collage maker. By the way, there is another way for you to use clipart than in collage. You can search any clipart by type its words and use them from the internet.

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FotoJet editor

As I said this is a very powerful tool, let’s have a look.

The edit option allowed users to crop, resize and rotate a photo, adjust exposure, dehaze, noise and add focus to photo and use color splash and selective filter on your photo. What I like to say is that you must have a try of the Auto Enhance button, a very powerful one. You can use all the options just by a few clicks and drag.

Fotojet Editor

Here are effects you can use, these effects may change your photo a lot and make it more pretty, and you can try them out and find which one fit your photo most. It is possible for you to adjust its intensity.

Add an overlay to your photo, it can give your photo some different feeling. Just click the overlay you like to use after you preview them. Make adjustments are also allowed.

Late, use the frame to modify your photo. You can adjust its thickness, as for some of the frame, at the same time, you can change its border color and background color.  Just try all these options out, and you will feel in love with them.

FotoJet - Collage Maker, Graphic Designer & photo Editor
Fotojet is an online tool with simple interface & with awesome features.
3 Features in One tool
web based tool, so you don't need to download software
Still need some improvements
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