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9 Best Games to Play on Skype

Often long distance relationships need some fun other than just talking for hours because that goes off after some days or some months and couples again want a new excitement.

If you are in a long distance, you may have experienced all those longings and in search of some fun activities. Couples can always have these fun things online, so their relationship remains alive and with minimum frustration.

My list here is about some games to play apps like Skype, so you get rid of the usual talk and have some fun with your boyfriend/girlfriend over Skype by seeing each other.

Games On Skype

You just need a webcam, a device so you too can connect and Internet data. If you are done with all these arrangements, then it’s time to perform these online games to play with friends on Skype.

Long Distance Love: A Survival Guide for Long Distance Relationships includes a wide variety of activities for any situation, whether you have access to Skype and a webcam, a cell phone, or even just snail mail.

Games to Play While Skyping

So get going with this list of games to play on Skype and enjoy these exciting sessions where you have different activities to enjoy with him or your friends whenever you miss them.

The Duct Tape Challenge

It is quite famous these days to make out things using duct tape by not getting trapped. It is going to be fun to follow some good duct tape challenges. You can challenge your partner to make out an attractive wallet for you using duct tape, or just a costume and challenge him to wear it.

It is going to be a perfect fun booster to see your partner dealing with those colorful duct tapes in different patterns.

The 21 Questions

You both need to make a list of questions that you want to ask your partner and then ask him the first question according to your list. Keep it continue until you both get finished those 21 questions, the game keeps it cool to play and let you know your partner’s views about things. If you don’t have an idea about questions, check out this article on Relationship questions for couples.

Play Thought-Provoking Questions

Take this one from the games to play on Skype by asking she thought-provoking questions about the life of your partner. This game can lead you to some interesting point where you get a lot of your partner that you haven’t known yet and the same applies to you.

You can ask him your choice of deep questions or take online help to decide what you should put on your list.

Perform Origami

You may have seen origami several times, no you to have to perform making an origami s one of the games to play on Skype. Set it as a competition and let’s see who makes it better and captivating.

You just need your device with a webcam to compare the fine results made using some piece of papers and set something like the prize for the winner. Take online help on how to make an origami and next time set your competition with your partner.

Play Charades

Again you need a webcam to play this game of guessing. You can pick up any category of your choice like movies, songs, books, etc. and just act out its title and let your partner guess the name.

The one who answers correctly will be the winner, the game is just right when you have nothing, so be ready to kill your boredom with charades.

Check Your Online Personality with Personality Quizzes

It is also a fun game from games to play on Skype with your partner. Anyone can enjoy this one where you test your personality like ‘which car suits your personality’ ‘which type of house suits you’ and the type of things.

So you two can jump to the same website and take the same quiz and find out your personality matching things. You can also share these results online and get your friends to enjoy it.

Draw Something Blindly

You need to find an image online, and the motive is to draw the same on the white space but when you are blindfolded.

You don’t need to see it while drawing and let’s see who makes it more accurate and meaningful. You can pick up any abstract shapes like or some cartoon characters and let’s see how well you manage to draw it.

Go ahead and set something as a prize for the winner, so you two won’t miss the fun. The prize can be like you have to send your partner her favorite choice of chocolate or just anything that you two decide as a prize.

Watching the Same Movie Together

Even if you two are not at the same place, but Skype always allow you to be online face to face. So you can watch your favorite movies or shows that should be the same while you two can see each other on Skype.

It is the most common activity that any couple can have any time; you can also play your favorite playlist and let your partner listen to your choice. Prepare your snacks and let’s take it as an online date when you watch romantic movie or documentaries together.

Share Bedtime Stories

Finally, if you want something sweet that can make you sleep like never before, then ask your partner for bedtime stories after enjoying these games to play on Skype.

You can share bedtime stories with each other and get sound sleep and wake up all relaxed the next morning. It enhances care in your relationship, so don’t miss reading out one chapter at night of your favorite storybook before going to bed.


The conversation thing seems boring to you, then don’t worry, these ideas are revolutionary enough to set romance in your relationship again. These Skype activities are perfect for every couple or friends in case you want to spend some time together. So try out these games to play on Skype and build a better relationship.

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