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Google Allo – The Smartest Messaging App

Update: Google shutdown Allo & it’s no longer available.

So finally, Google has released its second app, Google Allo after Google Duo which is announced in this year Google I/O conference. Google Duo, which is released a few weeks back is performing well but still has room for improvements to beat the best out there.

Google Allo – The New Messenger

It is the new messenger app from Google to tackle the text apps like whatsApp, Hike etc. Allo is the much-advanced version of normal message app with the option to send stickers and able to chat in incognito mode and also much more.

Google Allo

You can download this app from PlayStore and here is the link —>> Click Here

Here is the App store link for IOS devices –>> Click Here

Features of Google Allo

We tested out Allo and gone through the apps and here are some snippets of out short review.

  • After installing the app, you need to verify your number and add all the details including your Profile Pic ( which you can skip it ).
  • Give permissions to app to access contact, media etc.
  • You can even chat in Incognito mode. ( Incognito mode doesn’t hide your mobile num, this mode will allow the chat to be private and encrypted and it will be expired in 1 hour )

Google Allo Incognito mode

  • Suggestions for a message  before typing itself.
  • You can also block your contacts.
  • Google Assistant is good as of now but needs some improvements.

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Google Assistant – The Siri Competitor

Google Assistant, which is intended to be an Android version of Siri is good and performing well over Siri in some aspects. Its Good but need more improvements and customizations. We have tested it and here are some of the results.

Translation Works well with Google Assistant

Translate option in Google Allo

Interactive reply from Assistant ( but Dumb ones )

Google assistant

It’s interactive and the results it delivers are perfect

Google Allo Quotes

Now you can visit website directly from the App

Google Search using Allo


aptoide apk

iTube apk

Wrapping Up

Google Allo will give tough competition to WhatsApp, as well as Siri. It’s too quick to decide the performance of this app but the first impression is awesome with a pretty clean interface. We will update this section if we encounter any bugs during usage. Share this article on social networking and follow us on social networks to get fast updates. Express your views in comments about this app.

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