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Google Bulletin which allows to publish news straight to web

Google launched Bulletin App, which allows users to upload images, videos or text’s direct to the web without a need of blog or website. They call it as a voice of the community.

The power to give journalists or the one who is eager to share news is quite good & it targets local stories. The untold stories which are hidden by paid media can be unveiled with this Bulletin app.

Google Bulletin

Through Google Bulletin the news you published is pushed to the web, Social media, links which can be shared through email or by some messaging apps. All you need to participate in this is a Smartphone which can take good photos or videos.

Though they didn’t release this app worldwide they are testing it out by providing early access to Nashville and Oakland. You can request for early access from here –> Google Bulletin Early access

Google Bulletin looks good but the problem arises with the adaptability, with the rise in social networks like twitter & facebook where the local news is shared by FB pages & twitter has become a go-to source for a breaking news. We came across many news shared by users through photos or videos on these social networking sites which went viral.

Again like Facebook, another major problem is to tackle the Fake news. By Bulletin the power to publish directly to the web is good but it can be a bad move considering the amount of news they receive when it releases worldwide & when they access to Google news to publish that news, it will become extremely difficult to stop fake news being spread.

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