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Google Duo App- A Simple App for Video Calling

Earlier this year in the Google I/O conference, google has launched  two communication apps which are intended to tackle on texting & video call service independently. Google has launched the one of these two apps, Google Duo App which is a simple app for video calling. The other app, Google Allo will be launched in few weeks.

Google Duo App

After the launch of Facetime from Apple, Google has been working on a similar kind of app to focus on video calling. Though Google hangouts have an option of video call but they intend to release an app which can tackle competition from Skype and facetime.  This app is available on both IOS and Android.

Here is the Playstore Link of the App.


Here is the App store Link of the App.


Getting Started with Duo App

Install the app from play store and app store.

  • After installation, give the necessary permissions to app for accessing Camera, contacts etc.


  • Enter your Phone Number for verification


  • Verification will be done via OTP


  • After the number verification, you can access the app.

The interface of the App is pretty simple. When you open the app, you will be accessing your front camera which an icon indicating VIDEO CALL and a Drop down  option on the top right for SETTINGS and HELP& PREFERENCES.

  • When you click on VIDEO CALL option, you can see the list of contacts who are using this app or  else you can invite them.


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Settings of Google Duo App

Google Duo App settings

  • Settings panel in this app consists of the normal options of Vibrate when ringing, phone num, Blocked numbers, limiting data usage  etc.


  • The special feature in this Knock Knock.


  • Knock Knock feature will enable the real-time access to your camera to the other person of the line without even answering it. For example, if you have called your friend then he can see the live video of yours as a preview before attending the call.


  • Google’s view of this is making your friend smile even before lifting the call. If you don’t want to use it, you can disable it from settings.


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What makes Google Duo Special from Skype ,Facetime, Messenger and Hangouts ?

They are already several apps for video calling ( Whatsapp gonna start video calling soon ) starting with their own product of hangouts. Here are some of the aspects we observed which will make Duo special and apart from all other apps.

  • It’s solely for video calling unlike other apps like hangouts, skype which will offer texting service.


  • Duo app is an end to end encrypted which will save your conversations from spying eyes. ( Skype, Hangouts and Messenger aren’t  )


  • Duo can be used to call from Android to IOS and vice versa. This will reduce the gap between the communication of Android and IOS devices.


  • Knock Knock feature can be handy for events like Birthday surprise etc.


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Google Duo app is certainly a tough competitor to all other video calling apps out there. But it can cruise it way to the top with its simple one-click video call interface free with ads ( Skype is filled with ads ) and without any texting or messaging services to clutter with. The app is just released, so we can’t come to a conclusion and will wait for few days to test it out. Do share this article in social networking sites.

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