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Google Fax Number: Send and Receive Fax Online

Fax has always been a preferred mode of communication for many years. It originated long ago before the advent of the latest technologies. But managing fax machines is not a feasible option these days as people are moving forward with handy devices and tools.   

Sending and receiving fax is still used by many users who have a fancy for old technology. But, everyone is throwing away their fax machines as maintaining them is not an easy job these days. With the change of technology, using these bulky machines and getting proper repairing procedure is not less than a chore.

Therefore, the fax number presents the easiest and most efficient way of sending and receiving fax without using a fax machine. You can effortlessly transfer important fax documents on the go. Keep on reading to find out more about the latest faxing techniques

What is Google Fax Number

Don’t get puzzled by the heading as Google fax number is not the one you get from Google. By default, online fax services of any other faxing procedures are not offered by Google. Google fax numbers refer to your dedicated fax number linked with your Gmail account. 

Forget about buying a fax machine for beginning the fax transfers. After obtaining a Google fax number, you can send and receive fax anywhere, anytime. Google fax numbers allow you a more convenient faxing experience with complete reliability. You can get internet fax services for fax numbers to get relief from bulky fax apparatuses. 

How to get Google Fax Number

Many fax service providers offer fax numbers to users. You can get started with any device once you get a dedicated fax number. You don’t need to acquire a telephone connection or applying for a fax number from the phone company for using fax 

Internet fax service providers act as a virtual fax machine. Google fax numbers route emails to servers and sent them as fax whereas incoming faxes are received as emails. It’s a more economical technique than owning fax machines. Go through the article for evaluating where to get a fax number.

  • Free Google Fax Number by CocoFax

CocoFax is one of the best internet fax service providers. Its services have been recognized by multinational firms including the PC world, New York Times, iGeeksBlog, and Forbes. Not only this, but millions of users are relying on CocoFax from sending and receiving a fax from all over the world. 


CocoFax has made acquiring a fax number an easy job. All you have to do is register with CocoFax official website and after successful account creation, you get your free fax number google without any extra charges. If you already have a fax number, then it will be more likely to port the previous number for online faxing. Porting a previous fax number with internet fax services requires extra charges which will be transferred to the phone company. 

Choose Fax number

Google Fax Numbers and their variations

Acquiring a new Google fax number from CocoFax is simple and easy. Even if you don’t have a landline connection, you can still get a fax number for faxing through the internet. Moreover, you won’t need a fax machine as internet faxing works in a paperless environment. CocoFax services could be utilized from GoogleFaxFree official site here.

Different kinds of Google Fax numbers are available to choose from. Go through the next section to find out which suits your requirements. 

  1. Local Fax Number

As the name suggests, the local fax number offers fax to local areas. You can send faxes from local numbers vice versa. These types of fax numbers don’t allow you to send or receive fax internationally. 

  1. Vanity Fax Number 

A vanity number is a special kind of fax number. They sound like a Dealer or Lawyer as getting them is an expensive procedure.

  1. Toll-Free Fax Number

Usually, large business organizations prefer toll free fax numbers. Sending a fax to toll-free numbers does not cost any charges as the sender is not billed for the fax he receives. But toll-free faxes could only be availed from phone companies. 

You can get CocoFax international free fax numbers after signing up with CocoFax. A certain amount of money is charged for sending and receiving fax internationally.

  • CocoFax- Get Google Fax number for free

CocoFax offers a 30-day free trial and gives you a free fax number when you sign up. You don’t need to buy subscription packages unless you like it. The internet services provided by CocoFax are used by millions of users and it has been featured on well-known channels as the best internet fax service provider.

Here are some step-by-step guidelines to get started with CocoFax

Step 1: Register with CocoFax

Register a new CocoFax account by signing up and get a free trial for 30 days. You will also get a fax number for free. This is your Google Fax number and use can use it for faxing through the internet. 

Trial account info

Step 2: Open Email

Link your email account with CocoFax or use the web browser to access CocoFax for transferring faxes. You can send fax on the CocoFax online dashboard or the CocoFax smartphone/iOS app.

The email address gets associated with the fax number so that you can create a fax and attach files for converting them to fax documents using CocoFax. Once you are done, CocoFax obtains all information about your Google Fax Number for later use. 

Step 3: Create Fax 

You can now send faxes from your Gmail account and it’s like writing an email. Click on the “New Email” button to fill out the required details.

You can send documents by attaching them to email and write the receiver’s fax number as [email protected] For sending a fax with an email, you must add at the end of the fax number. This address is added to the “To” field.

You can also add a cover page to fax by typing in the email body whereas a fax title could be added from entering the subject of the email. Make sure that the document name does not contain any special character and they must be in pdf, doc, Xls, or jpg formats.

Step 4: Send Fax

Once you have completed the above steps, hit the “Send” button.  All the documents are received by CocoFax servers for translating them into Tiff format and later on they are transferred to the receiver’s fax machine.

CocoFax sends automatic messages for the successful delivery of the document. Unsent faxes are also followed by these alerts so that you can resend them. Incoming faxes are in pdf format whereas sent documents are in fax docs that are Tiff file.

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