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4 Best Google Gravity Tricks to Experience

Google Gravity tricks is a javascript based fun filled effects of the Google Search Engine Homepage. Gravity tricks were introduced in 2009, and they are different types of gravity tricks. Some of the gravity tricks are Google Zero Gravity, Google Loco, Google gravity I’m feeling lucky, Google Gravity underwater, Google Space or Google Anti-Gravity, Google Guitar, Google Sphere, etc.

Google, the search giant who carries out maximum search operations of the web, has few hidden funny and entertainment elements in it. Most of these Google Gravity tricks are from the Mr.Doob websites.

So, in this article, we will guide you through some of the best Google Gravity tricks you can try out & Experience. You can also try out for aptoide apk for the personalized App store.

Top Google Gravity Tricks to try out

Note: Some of the tricks will not work in newer version of Google Chrome, we can try this out on another website which will provide the live interface of Google Search. We will provide the direct link to the trick after the description.

Google Gravity Tricks

Google Gravity ( Google Loco ) & Google Underwater

When you want to search something, you will access Google Search Homepage and type something and then enter Enter. Everything in this process is clear & well structured & treated. For a change, let’s try the other one, what if all the elements in Google Homepage fallen off due to gravitational pull, seems interesting right?

If you want to try this, here is the link –>> Google Gravity.

You could hold on the items and play with them, refresh the page once if you got stuck with it. You can also try the same effect underwater. Go through this link ( Underwater ), and you can do the same thing under the ocean and also can create ripples with clicks. If you click on “I’m feeling lucky” then gold coins and treasure will fall to the bottom of the ocean.

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Google Anti-Gravity / Google Space / Google Zero Gravity & Google Sphere

The name itself suggests, it performs the opposite operation of Google Gravity. During this trick, all the elements of homepage will hover all over the screen just like the things in outer space. There are different names for this method, Google Anti-Gravity, Google Space, Google Zero Gravity are some of the notable ones.

Here is the link to try this trick –> Google Space

Google Sphere

Google Sphere, in this method the elements will form like a sphere and the Google Logo, will act as the center of the sphere and all the rest of items will be revolving around the Google Logo. Just hover the mouse cursor over it, to visualize the effects. The best part of this trick is the revolving effects of the elements.

Here is the link to Google Sphere 

Google Ball Pool

This trick is my favorite one, in this trick, you will be provided with balls of different shapes & color combinations and you can play with them or can generate few more balls or can fill up the screen with the balls. If you want another set of colors, just double tap the color will change and the new round of balls will be given. You can hold on to the ball and play with it.

Here is the link to Google Ball pool –>> Click Here 

Google Ball Pool

Google Guitar

This trick is for music lovers, especially for guitar lovers. The Google on the search page will turn to electric guitar and you can also play the tunes on that guitar. If you are struggling to play tunes on the guitar, here you can play the tune just by pressing few icons on keyboards. It also has a record option to record your tune and after recording, a shorter link will be given to sharing.

Google Guitar

Here is the link to the trick –>. Google Guitar

To start it out with, you can try out Happy Birthday Tune, here is the code for it. Type this on your keyboard to hear Happy Birthday tune.  1 1 2 1 4 3   1 1 2 1 5 4   1 1 8 6 4 3 2   8 8 7 5 6 5  ( Don’t click the numbers continuously, give a time gap between one & other to hear it clearly.)

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So, here is the list of 4 best Google Gravity tricks, I have listed 2 or more in one as all the functionalities are same. These tricks used to work directly on Google Homepage but they have removed it and now working on that website which I have linked to.

Hope this will help you and keep visiting. If you have any queries or any cool tricks you would like to include, you can express them through comments.

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