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Google I/O 2018 Registration Opened

Google developers annual conference Google I/O 2018 registration is now open to the public. The applications are opened till Feb 27  5 pm PST. They will choose attendees from the applicants randomly, this registration will not guarantee a ticket to I/O conference.

You need to pay the payment prior though you will be charged only if you are selected from the raffle system. Refund will be processed to rest of the others within seven days.

The results will be announced on Feb 28 through Email, you will get a confirmation receipt to the mail along with the details of winners.

Google IO 2018

The event is not a free one, you need to pay few bucks for the ticket. The general ticket will be available for $1150 & the Academic ticket which will be for students or professor or faculty will be available for $375.  You should provide your current school ID, few documents to get an academic ticket.

When you apply for the ticket, you will not be charged immediately on your card. A pre-authorization will be placed on the card & if you aren’t selected then they will release it in 7 days.

You can apply for the ticket from here –> Google I/O Registration

Google I/O 2018 will take place on May 8-10 at Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, United States. Last month Google devs in twitter teased with a puzzle for devs to solve to know the date of I/O along with the location which usually Google does every year.

Few guys from Discord Grp worked hard to solve the puzzle & finally did it. The puzzle contains door codes for each section & with the respective clues for it.

Iwata             –       Sister    

01 60 80         –      Upside-Down

Yam               –      Mirror

Aeschylus     –      Theater

The answer to the first clue, the sister city of Iwata is Mountain View. When you read the upside-down version of 01 60 80, it will be 08, 09, 10. The third one Yam is the mirrored version of May when combined with earlier clue suggests that the event will be taking place from May 08 – 10.  Aeschylus was a Greek philosopher, who is shorthand for Shoreline Amphitheater.

So when all the things combined, it’s the event date & place.  May 08 -10, Amphitheater, Moutain View, US.


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