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Google Play store Launches Family Library

Google is a juggernaut in the field of technology and android is been one of the finest products of Google. After the launch of Android N, it’s focusing on Play store and Google apps optimization.Google has officially launched Family Library which will allow up to 6 members to share items purchased in Google Play store. By this, we can now share the purchased apps, movies ,TV shows, books and games across 6 different devices. This has been planned long back but due to some bugs and other issues the launch is delayed and finally the official rollout has started in July.

The update rollout has started and will be available in Italy, Germany, Australia,  Canada, France, Brazil,  Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, the U.K., the U.S, and Mexico.

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Last December, Google has launched Google Play Music family plan, where you can get unlimited access up to 6 family members fo $14.99 per month. This service has launched in Japan, Brazil, U.S., France, U.K., Australia,  Germany and  Canada. Now they are spreading this launch in  Italy, Mexico, Ireland  and New Zealand.

Google Music for Family

Source: Google Official Android Blog

How to access it & some features of Family library

  • Open Play store and configure one person as Family Manager. ( Which is a Grp admin )


  • The family manager should enter payment information and is the one who is charged.


  • Family Manager has the access to add or remove members.


  • As said earlier  maximum up to 6 members can be added.


  • You can share all the purchased collections to the whole family or can share selectively.


The best part is that Family Library has convenient payment options. Members of the family will always be able to buy with their own payment methods.

Google has been aggressive these days and been pushing too hard for this play store updates after the recent Bubble-Zoom for Google play Books and the recent algorithm in a decrease in the size of updates is inevitable that the makeover of play store is going on and its keen on making it.

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