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Google’s Autodraw – The New A.I Experiment for drawing

If you are one of those, who love to draw or sketch things but couldn’t do it because you aren’t that good at it. Google’s A.I Experiments, the team is working on an Auto draw which will let you draw like an artist.

Google has earlier announced its been working on inducing A.I into everything, they are exploring ways to use A.I. There is news that they are working on an A.I bot ( Much like a supercomputer ) which helps you in Google Search.

Google AutoDraw

Autodraw is much like a bridge between machine learning and the drawing artists. Google’s Autodraw is a tool which will let you draw things much simpler with its A.I tool which will present you with the perfect suggestions predicting the doodle which you have drawn.

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For example, if you have drawn a circle ( not a perfect one, just close to the ellipse ) then it will show the suggestions related to it.

Check the image below, don’t curse me for that circle but that’s what I have managed. So when you draw your doodle, it will show your suggestions close to it. In this case, you can check the top menu, where it shows suggestion in Do you mean toolbar, a perfect circle, potato, ring, moon sandwich etc.

Google Autodraw


When you click on that then it will be imported to work area and then you can continue the work on it.

The Algorithms will try to identify what you are trying to draw and then will present you with the suggestions the A.I is been provided. Needless to say, better the doodle better are the suggestions you are provided with.

Want to try Autodraw, check it out here –>> Google’s Autodraw

The technology used here is the same as used in Quickdraw. Quickdraw is also one of the A.I Experiments which google has been working on. It identifies your doodle and tries to recognize it.

You can also submit your own drawings to google, just check out the auto draw website and check out artists drawing section in left toggle menu.

Google QuickDraw

Google quickdraw is a neural network where it learns from the doodles which you have drawn. It just like users is helping a baby (A.I ) understands the doodles and figures out the intent in it.

Then this A.I will be used for Autodraw and it reflects back. Because of huge database and also the algorithms interpreting the doodles, it works with close to 100% accuracy.

The simple logic in it is that the users are the ones which feed the A.I with different doodles and then the users use the auto draw tool to reflects the same.

Check out Google’s Quickdraw tool

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