Great Reasons To Stream EFL On iFollow

Watching the English Football League (EFL) can be challenging, especially if you can’t travel to the arena. But, you can stream EFL games on iFollow instead. This digital content platform and live streaming service brings joy to football fans from different countries, like Australia, Canada, and the USA. Continue reading to know five great reasons to stream the EFL on iFollow, especially if you’re still on the fence about the decision. 

Cheaper Than A Matchday Ticket

A premium league EFL matchday ticket costs around GBP£40 to GBP£60, and that’s only for one day of viewing. So, you might need to spend about GBP£1,840 to GBP£2,760 to watch all possible 46 games of your favorite team. 

But, streaming on iFollow will only require GBP£5 per match pass. Hence, you’re only going to pay GBP£230 to watch all 46 games of your favorite team.

Conversely, you can purchase iFollow season passes at lower prices to enjoy the entire EFL season without breaking the bank. Note that season passes are equivalent to GBP£110, and the price varies per country. 

At the time of writing, the following are the season pass prices for different countries:

  • Australia – AUD$202
  • Canada – CAD$193
  • EU – EUR €122
  • USA – USD$144

Note that prices may change without prior notice. Check out the following link to know how you can watch EFL games in the UK on iFollow:

Multi-Device Streaming

Imagine wanting to watch your favorite football team as they try to score more goals than their opponents. But, you can’t travel to the UK to watch the live match. Also, you’re not at home, so you might not have quick access to a TV or computer to watch the big game. 

Eliminate these problems by subscribing to iFollow. Unlike cable TV, this streaming service has multi-platform support, which means that you can watch EFL games on different devices. 

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You can use the iFollow app on your desktop or laptop computer, smartphone, and tablet. Moreover, you can sync accounts through the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. Thus, you don’t need to scroll through endless shows to stream a specific game since you only need to access your account to catch up on those shows. 

Also, watching specific teams play is quite easy with the help of iFollow. For example, you’re a fan of the Leeds United football team. So, you only need to type ‘official Leeds United app’ on the App Store or Google Play Store, and the search results should bring you to the iFollow app.

Get Close To The Action

Perhaps, one problem of watching EFL games is that you don’t have control over the point of view. You rely on the camera to let you see the different events happening during the match. 

iFollow aims to resolve this concern with live audio commentary for each game. You’ll get up-to-the-minute updates on scores and various plays. Plus, you’ll know who’s on the field and which teams are leading on points. 

With iFollow, you won’t get left behind with EFL updates. But, keep in mind that not every game is available for streaming. It’s because some games have exclusive rights to the streaming service provider’s broadcast partners.

Support Your Favorite Club

Do you want to support your favorite EFL team, but don’t know how to do it?  Acquiring an iFollow subscription can help you in this regard. 

The streaming service provides at least 70% of its net revenues to the club you choose. For example, you chose to pay for the iFollow season pass to watch the Cardiff City club play. Choosing to download the official Cardiff City app lets the streaming service send the revenue to the team.

Enjoy Legal Streaming

One concern by many online users is the legality of streaming sports games. Legal streaming services might be challenging to come by, and illicitly watching football games online might give you fines. 

But, you don’t need to worry about legal issues in streaming EFL matches with iFollow. This streaming service provider is a registered business entity, providing its customers with premium sports-viewing services. 

The company behind the service has also partnered with several brands to further cement its legality. Some of these known brands include EA Sports, Just Eat, and Utilita.

Wrapping Up

Opting to subscribe to iFollow to watch football games promotes numerous benefits to watchers and their favorite clubs. Let the five reasons mentioned in this article help you decide whether or not to obtain an iFollow subscription. Use the streaming service to watch your favorite EFL clubs go head-to-head with their opponents.

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