Now You Can Send Fax Online Without a Fax Machine – Read This Guide To Know All About It

Are you looking for a way to deliver your faxes without any need for a fax machine? Well then today’s lucky for you. With this read, all your fax queries and questions will get answered resulting in an increased love for fax.

As faxing has many plus points over any other means of communication like email, this old method was never gone and is still in use in today’s world. As a matter of fact, the majority of individuals as well as business firms use faxing for the purpose of communicating officially. That is why enormous amounts of faxes are delivered throughout the year all over the globe.

If the thought of big and bulky fax machines has kept you from faxing and if you thought these fax machines were the only way for faxing, then you’re wrong here. It might surprise you that faxes can be delivered and even received without even the slightest need for fax machines and telephone lines.

Faxing Without Fax Machines

Individuals who have a preference for faxing, rather than any other communication technique, find it hard to use fax machines for this purpose.

Fax machines are huge and huge things cover huge space and also require a lot of resources to keep them working. The huge machinery of these machines also requires consistent and regular care. And above all, other faxing requirements like paper, toner and ink etc. are also a part of it. This makes the use of fax machines not only hard but also an expensive process.

CocoFax – A Farewell for Your Fax Machines

CocoFax is the leading online fax service that has ended the need for any fax machines or even telephone lines. When you have CocoFax, you don’t need anything else. CocoFax allows you to fax online, through the web. All the requirements that old faxing methods have imposed, CocoFax has banished them all.


And you know what the best part is? CocoFax has the ability to turn any of your devices into a fax machine. Unbelievable, right? But that’s a fact. You are on a walk and you think of sending a fax. With CocoFax, you can fax it with even your mobile phone.

Your computer, laptop, and all other devices can fulfill the need for a fax machine, but the condition is that you must use CocoFax for it. You must ensure that the device you are using must have a well-established internet connection.

Read this online blog article to know all about CocoFax. Talking about its fame, CocoFax is the only fax service with a client base of millions. Its clients include professional individuals as well as big firms who use faxing as their way of communication officially. That is why many international media outlets like Forbes, PCMag and PC World, etc. have praised its work as well.

You might be wondering how CocoFax does that? Well, there are more than one ways that CocoFax incorporates to provide its customers with the best faxing experience. Here we will share two of the most popular ways.

Part 1: Faxing through Email

CocoFax has this amazing feature that allows you to fax with the help of your email account, no matter what email you use. CocoFax works with almost all email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. Don’t stress, the process is quite simple. It’s just like you send your regular email.

Step 1: Firstly, you will need to register with the CocoFax fax service. For that, you need to visit its website through any web browser of yours. There you will find a button for a 30-day free trial, click on it if you want to avail CocoFax’s services for a month completely free. Provide the email id of the account you want to use for faxing purposes.

Account information

Step 2: When done with the registration procedure, you can continue with creating new fax. This you will do by opening the email account whose id you provided during sign-up. For composing new fax, press on the button of ‘New Mail’, which you use when you want to create a new mail.

In the ‘To’ field where you write the recipient’s email address, you will write the fax address of the destination instead. This fax address will contain the fax number as well as site extension ‘’.

The subject field will have a top note that will appear when the fax reaches its receiver. Email body is just like a cover page, it will contain the content of the first page which will show when the fax is received by the receiver.

Attach the fax document and after checking everything, press on the send button. You will soon receive a notification informing about the status of your fax, whether it was successfully delivered or not.

Receiving Faxes

All the faxes that you get on your fax number will come to CocoFax which will then convert them into a format understandable by email platforms. It will then forward this converted email to your email account where you will see it in the inbox tab.

Part 2: Faxing through Online Dashboard

CocoFax has another amazing facility through which you get your faxing done – online dashboard. Here we have elaborated the simple steps.

Step 1: First you need to sign-up. Avail the 30-day free trial, you will also get a free fax number, no extra charges, nothing. This free fax number is custom made too. You can pick the most suitable one for yourself from the list that CocoFax provides.

Choosing Fax number

Step 2: After signing up, you will be directed to your dashboard. Press the button of ‘New Fax’ which is at the top corner of your dashboard.

The ‘To’ field will be having the fax number followed by ‘’. The subject will have the top note of the fax and cover page will contain everything you need to have on the first page of the fax.

Attach the fax file and send it. You will be notified about the status of the delivery.

Receiving Faxes

All the faxes that you get on your fax number will come on the dashboard. Whenever you log in, you will see your faxes on your personal dashboard.

My faxes


See, CocoFax has eradicated the need for fax machines nicely and smoothly. The faxing techniques that CocoFax provides are even more simple and easy. So start using CocoFax right now.

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