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HoHoo Chat- Chat with Anonymous People

After the launch of facebook, there has been a new trend in texting / chatting with others. Then WhatsApp took over completely from facebook messenger. Whatsapp has been a revolution in messaging apps, there are similar apps like Hike, Line etc which try to overtake WhatsApp but failed. Though Whatsapp is a good app for texting but it doesn’t have the option to text to anonymous people. So here is an App which allows you to text with anonymous people and help you get rid of your boredom and make new friends.

HoHoo Chat App

What is HoHoo Chat ?

HoHoo Chat is an Anonymous Chatting application which is so far available for Android platforms and soon will be available on iOS also. You can get started just by choosing your username and  open to talking to anyone from anywhere without telling who you is. There is no need of any Phone verification, Email Verification or any signup before getting started.

The major idea behind the app is to let people chat with each other about different topics and share their views without telling their identity. So, they can be honest in front of anyone. HoHoo Chat allows you to create groups and adds people in it anonymously to talk on any topic and discuss it with others without telling and taking others identity.

HoHoo Chat allows you to create groups and adds people in it anonymously to talk on any topic and discuss it with others without telling and taking others identity. You can download the app from Play Store by searching “HoHoo Chat” or you can also use this link to open play store app page to download it directly from here- Download. ( Update : App is removed from Play Store )

How to use HoHoo Chat ?

Install the app after downloading it from Playstore

  • Open the App and Enter any nickname and click start
  • After logging in, you will be able to see people which are on HoHoo Chat and to which you can talk. You can choose anyone to talk with and your identity will not be revealed ever.

HoHoo Chat

  • There are 3 different options of Nearby ( where it will extract the nearby users of HoHoo chat ), Recent ( which are recent chats ) and Groups ( you can also start grp chat)

Recent chats of HoHoo chat

  • The Other options in Menu tab are Sharing & Settings. Sharing allows you to share this over other social networking sites in your mobile. Settings allow you to change your status.
  • We do not want you to share your personal details or information over this app as we respect your privacy and our app will also not ask you to share your details even with us. So, please be sure about not to share your personal information over the app to be in a safe bound.

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  • All your chats will remain saved in the app until you sign out from the app. You can access your chats from recent tab. You will be able to see people, to do text and other people will be able to see and text to you anonymously.
  • This app can be very useful when you have something in your mind but you can’t ask anyone about it just because you don’t want to ask from them because of any reason.
  • So, in that case, you can ask your question here with people as they don’t know you and you don’t know who they are. This will be very helpful in getting an answer to your problems.


The app is built with a lot of hard work and analysis. The app is very easy to use with a very easy user interface which anyone can use. Try these App and give your review here. If you face any problems or have any doubts please express them in comments. Share this article in social networking site.

HoHoo Chat App Review
HoHoo Chat App
HoHoo chat is a very helpful app to chat with anonymous persons which out any trace of yours. Now it's easy to kill your boredom with this app.
Works perfectly fine in any location provided there are HoHoo users around
Cool interface with smooth scrolling
Fast Loading
If there are no Hohoo users then you can't chat with them and should wait for long time

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