How Canadian Businesses Can Protect Their Employees That Work From Home

Now that businesses are being forced into having their employees work remotely, it’s becoming increasingly important that businesses learn how to protect their employees properly. Working from home can present many challenges for both the employee and the company in question. In this, we will be discussing how Canadian businesses can protect their employees that work from home. 

Best Tips For Remote Work Protection: 

Install a Complete Internet Security Solution

For one, you want to have each employee install and use comprehensive Internet security software. You should choose a reputable software that produces good results. Having a good Internet security software installed should help keep employees from getting viruses and malware from tainted websites and it can even protect them against ransomware and phishing attempts.

This is especially important considering they will likely be working with sensitive data from home. While at work you might be able to install and use firewalls and a lot of other things to ensure that the network is protected, while they are at home the situation is a lot less contained and controlled. One of the best things you can do is find a good Internet security software with antivirus and a firewall. 

Ensure They Keep Their System and Router Updated

You need to stress the importance to your employees that they must continually update their system(s). You also want to ensure that they are updating any program they use. Not updating promptly can leave their network or even their computer exposed.

A lot of these updates contain critical security patches that have to be installed immediately to avoid this risk. This is especially true when it comes to router firmware. Updating your router’s firmware can close critical security vulnerabilities. 

Use a VPN

If you are going to have your employees working from home, you will want to set up a VPN that they will be able to use to remotely connect into your secure environment. This will allow you to have your remote workers effectively engage in remote access which will give your employees all of the access they need on the network as if they were present in the office. This alone can do wonders for your employee’s productivity and efficiency. If you are looking for the best solution, consider visiting Best VPN Canada.

Configure Router Settings Properly

When you are having your employees work from home, you want to ensure that they have effectively closed off their home network to make it as secure as possible. While a lot of your employees might not have commercial-grade networking hardware, a lot of consumer-grade routers will offer decent protection.


You want them to set up the most secure WiFi encryption that their router offers. Typically, most consumer-grade routers will max out at WPA2. They should also be certain they have switched the username and password for the router. Leaving it as the default option is the number one mistake a lot of people make with their home networks and it can cause a severe vulnerability.

Engage In On-Going Internet Security Training For Your Staff

One of the biggest issues that a lot of companies face when it comes to having their employees work from home is caused by a lack of training. A lot of people simply don’t know how to utilize safe browsing techniques and how to keep themselves safe on the Internet in general. Because of this, they could put your company’s data at risk.

By training your staff on some of the best practices for keeping yourself safe on the Internet, you should be able to avoid having your employees fall for phishing scams and other things that could leave your business vulnerable. 

At the end of the day, you want to ensure that you are able to protect your company’s data even while your employees are working from home. By integrating some of the tips into your business processes, you should be able to improve the overall security of your remote working situation.

You want to ensure that they are securing their home network as well as possible and using specific things like a strong antivirus program to ensure they aren’t getting their work computer infected.

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