How Clover Mini Works With Payroll

Point-of-sale systems can do more for your business than process, simplify, and track customer payments. They can help you manage inventory control, track your purchase orders, and sort your business data into easy-to-read reports. A pos system for small business users can also make payroll functions run smoother. In addition to saving time, the right pos system can significantly lessen the chances of payroll errors.

Your employees need to be paid accurately, and when mistakes occur it can go beyond “fix-it” headaches. Payroll errors can dampen an otherwise highly motivated employee’s morale. This can result in decreased productivity, strained interactions with customers and an untimely resignation. Payroll errors could also cause your business to incur IRS penalties. A Clover MINI pos system, however, can cover all your bases in one powerful but compact unit that fits in almost any space.

Run a Start-to-Finish Operation, Including Payroll

You’ll appreciate the Clover Mini pos countertop interface for its payment-processing ease, but it won’t stop there. If your business is in one of the 40 states that allow a credit card surcharge to be added to your sales transactions, a Clover MINI system can add the charge automatically when a customer doesn’t use cash or a debit card. You can also get an at-a-glance overview of your entire start-to-finish business operation, and that includes payroll.

Cash register

Your payroll processing can benefit from an integrated and easy-to-review system when you combine a Clover MINI interface with the right software app. You can track each employee’s journey beginning at the pre-hiring stage. Start with the job posting, and then track an employee’s progress through the applicant review, onboarding, training, and yearly appraisal stages. Clover pos software systems can store the required employment documents and e-signatures. Once your team members are fully on board, you’ll be able to easily schedule and track their hours, calculate their withholding taxes, and manage their benefits.

Reward Employees and Track Commissions and Tips

As a business manager, you’ll want to know who your top performers are. A Clover system can show you who they are by letting you see what they’ve accomplished. This is helpful when it’s time for a yearly performance appraisal and it also allows you to provide an employee with positive feedback when it does the most good; right after the exemplary work takes place. While a Clover-based payroll system helps you avoid demoralizing paycheck errors, it enables you to motivate your team by giving them on-the-spot recognition for a job well done.

Keeping track of commissions and tips helps assure your team members that their efforts toward your customers are rewarded in a timely and accurate manner. For food-service businesses, a Clover MINI system can eliminate the headaches that could accompany a heavy evening of tip-pooling in a bar or restaurant setting. The Clover MINI interface can be used as both a countertop system or as a handheld carry-along device that can be brought to customers’ indoor or outdoor tables.

A Clover MINI System Lets You See “The Big Picture”

Clover pos software systems can go far beyond improving and simplifying customer-payment processing. Business owners and managers can easily track and review “The Big Picture” — comprising inventory control, sales, employee performance, and payroll — and find there’s much to gain from a Clover MINI system.

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