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How to edit png files on ipad with Image to Word Converter

PNG files or Portable Network Graphics (or sometimes “PNG-Not-GIF”) format is a file format used for images. It was made as an improvement over the GIF format due to its ability to compress images while not losing any quality of the file. Image to Word Converter makes it easy.

Designers need the ability to incorporate low-resolution images that load quickly but also look great, which is where PNG format comes in.

PNG files tend to be bigger and they contain more information. However, they do not support any kind of animation, which gives GIF format a slight advantage over them in certain situations.

PNG format just might be the absolute best format for editing images, definitely better than JPG and JPEG as well, due to the fact that it’s lossless. But, how do text rich PNG file behave when their content is being edited? Well, given that we haven’t yet invented a program that can perfectly edit text rich images, we have to work our way around that technological barrier.

Image to Word Converter App

One way to do so is by converting our PNG file into a more editable MS Word file, which are most often in .docx format. Luckily for you, we have the perfect tool for performing such conversion, and its name is Image to Word, a top of the line OCR conversion app made by Cometdocs.

Image to Word comes from a long line of conversion apps developed by Cometdocs, and it goes without saying that it’s probably their best OCR app so far. This app allows you to convert text rich images, screenshots (which are also in PNG if you are an iPhone or iPad user) and even photos with impeccable quality.

The app itself is very simple in design and its user interface doesn’t leave too many people confused. Image to Word only has one screen on which most of the job gets done, and here’s what it looks like:

Cometdocs Image to Word

As you can see from the image above, you can select which type of file you want to convert. First one being photos, which are all the files you take with you camera. Selecting option Camera will open your rear camera and allow you to take a snap at the file you want to convert, whether it is a receipt, a bank statement, or just about any other white paper file.

One important thing to keep in mind is that this app, just like any other OCR app requires good lighting and camera positioning in order to perform the most optimal conversion.

Options of the App

Image to Word even offers a guide on how to make the optimal photo, which you can access by clicking Options > Guide for better results. This way the app will take you through all the things you should know before starting your conversion.

If you wish to convert an image you downloaded from the internet, or perhaps received via email, select the option Photos. The app will take you to your image folder and show you all image files you have on your device.

From there, select which image you want to convert and it will be sent to conversion in no time.

Here are a few examples of converting a PNG format screenshot:

Image to Word Converter

The end result of the conversion is very high quality, and the conversion and image quality are reciprocal as you can see. The better the image is – the better the outcome and you new MS Word fill will look like.

edit Png files

Here are some of the other standout features Image to Word prides itself upon:

  • The app is battery friendly, which means you can run conversions without it being open
  • Your files are deleted from the Cometdocs server after 24h for your privacy
  • Easy importing, and even easier exporting of files
  • No limits on file size or number of files being converted
  • Quick file preview option after its conversion
  • Great use for almost any office related business


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Image to Word Converter is available on both iOS and Android, so make sure you give it a go and let other people know what your thought on this app are by leaving a comment and rating it on your preferred App store!

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