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How to Free up Space on iPhone

Storing your personal data on your phone should be one of the major advantages of owning a smartphone. Moreover, it has also doubled up as the one-stop solution for all your needs. You can store practically an entire life of yours inside a smartphone.

Whether it is your bank details, meeting notes, music files, and hundreds of contact details – name it and you can save it. Beneficial it may be and convenience at its best, but still it does come with a security hazard in its own right.

It would also fill up your device with unneeded files as a result of using a host of apps on your device.  Your data can be susceptible to unauthorized access if you are not careful enough. Moreover, you may have decided to upgrade your phone. Before handing over your iPhone or an iOS device to opt for the new device, you would need to erase all the data from your iPhone.

How would you do it? Well, Dr.Fone Erase(iOS) is your best bet for the purpose. Let us check out how effective it can be to help you erase iPhone through the easy steps.

Dr.Fone Erase(iOS) – An Overview

Well, as we already explained in the introduction to the topic, Dr.Fone Erase(iOS) is capable of erasing all the data from your iPhone effectively and permanently. Of course, you can delete the files with ease manually by checking through each of the folders and files. But, a software specifically meant for the purpose would help you by not leaving any trace of the private information on your device.

In fact, the tool will leave your entire iPhone into a state that it was when you bought it for the first time. One of the best options that would make it an excellent choice is the support for almost all versions of iOS. You would be able to install it on a device running 32 or 64-bit architecture. You can be assured of complete data erase that cannot be recovered by any data recovery tool.

Dr fone Erase tool

Features That would make it An exceptional choice

Well, erasing all your private information when you are swapping your iPhone is quite an essential task you need to take care of. The tool can handle the task with a remarkable ease and simplicity without affecting the system data on your device.

  • It erases EVERYTHING! – Yes, unlike manual cleanup – the software can delete all the personal content in one go. Contacts, notes, messages, app data – all personal data will be removed from your phone beyond recovery.
  • Erase the deleted files – Yes, when you delete a file using the normal deletion method, the data is not really deleted, but the pointer to this location deleted. Dr.Fone Erase will help you delete the data permanently. Your data would be safe from recovery even from the professional data recovery tools.
  • Remove useless files – When you use apps on your phone they create a few usage related files. This amounts to some extra data which is not useful at all. You can use Dr. Fone Erase to remove the useless files.

Some other excellent features that would make it one of the best choices can be summed up as –

  • Simple, one-touch action to erase all your private data.
  • You have the option to erase the data that you want to. That way, you can also remove the selected data while keeping the rest.
  • The tool can also be used to compress your photos losslessly to save space on your iPhone.

Other Features Dr.Fone iOS offers you

In fact, the Dr.Fone Erase (iOS) is not a standalone software, but part of a bundled option labeled Dr.Fone Toolkit. It packs in a few tools bundled into one. You can download the individual elements separately within the bundle as per your preferences and requirements. A kit is an all-encompassing option for anything that you would want to do with your smartphone – with separate toolkits available for Android and iOS.

Some of the features included within the bundle – apart from the Dr.Fone Erase – are –


This is a component that can help you recover your data if you have lost any of it – either accidentally or otherwise. The recovery option for iOS offers you the means of recovering the data from an iOS device, iTunes backup or iCloud data recovery.


This module of the Dr.Fone kit lets you transfer your content between your phone and computer. It can be quite handy to take care of your precious data at times when it has been affected by any data loss.

Backup and Restore

The Backup and Restore function works seamlessly to safeguard your phone against the issues you may be facing with your phone due to any issues with the operating system malfunctions. Backing up your system, performing the reset operations and then restoring the data selectively should sort out most of the issues.

Apart from those major functions outlined here, the tool also comes with a host of other features like Repair, Switch and Unlock options that would improve the performance of your iPhone.

Is it safe to use?

Well, sure. The toolkit in general and the Dr.Fone Erase (iOS) in particular are quite safe to use. There are no malware attacks or virus related issues with the app.

However, ensure that you have backed up your data on your computer or any other device before using Dr.Fone Erase tool on your iPhone. Once the data is erased, you stand no chance of recovering the deleted data. Do note that the deleted data will not be recovered even with the professional data recovery solutions as the data is wiped completely without leaving any traces.

In Conclusion

Well, that was all we have with the efficient tool worth the attempt with respect to the protection of your private data on your iPhone. Apart from that, the tool would also let you free up the valuable space on your phone so that you can continue using it for practical purposes.

Whether you want to part with your phone with a view to upgrading to a new device, or looking to free up the memory on your phone that has gone overboard, the Dr.Fone utility should be a great choice by any standard.

Dr.Fone Erase iOS
Well, that was all we have with the efficient tool worth the attempt with respect to the protection of your private data on your iPhone. Apart from that, the tool would also let you free up the valuable space on your phone so that you can continue using it for practical purposes.
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