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How to pick the right RAM For desktop or laptop

A computer is defined by the memory space it contains. In the current times where the usage of computers has increased, it is important to determine the right random access memory for your computer. Many fake sellers have dominated the market, with various methods to lure the customers.

Before purchasing any RAM from a dealer, it is essential to understand some basic consideration which is of paramount importance. You cannot wake up one day and invest your money into buying something you have no clear knowledge about.

Consider doing some background search on the online platform to understand pertinent characteristics which are required to have a good RAM. There are many manufacturers of laptop and desktop memories.


The dealers provide stepwise guidance on how to use the RAM for the benefit of the user. At the same time, we have rogue manufacturers who have less consideration for the user. If you have never shopped for computer memories, it is important to look for an important specification which guarantees the final user a better experience.

There are various online platforms where you can purchase RAMs at reduced prices. If you are planning to invest in one, then you can check Currys voucher here for some huge discounts. We present to you some of the tweaks to employ when buying a RAM.

Important Classifications

Before we embark on talking about the pertinent specification of the memory, it is prudent enough to understand standard requirements of your computer. The market has different generations of memories. We have DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4. The different generations are classified depending on the make date.

The most recent one is DDR4, which is compatible with most of the recent computers. You have to consider your motherboard and identify the generation which is compatible with it. In other words, if your computer support DDR, buying a DDR2 will not work. Therefore, it is essential to have such background information before investing your money into a raw deal. It is also important to note that laptop RAM is different from the desktop.

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Laptops use SO-DIMM while the desktop uses DIMM. Although they could be having the same technology generation, they have varying size. It’s worth noting that memories are installed in pairs of memory modules.

Memory Capacity

Memory comes in sticks called module. Typically, a memory kit has two modules or more. One thing you should note is that the motherboard can only support what it has. If the slot specifies 8GB, adding extra one will not function. In simple, it is paramount to know the memory space of your computer.

You can end up selecting more GBs which will not work for you. When it comes to selecting the RAM, it has been identified that memory comes in kits. For example, a label of 2x8GB, mean you have two kits each 8GB. It, therefore, means the RAM is 16GB. Make sure you don’t confuse this.

Memory speed

The processing speed of the computer is one aspect which cannot be negated. We are living in an era where everyone using a computer wants high-speed processing. It offers comfort and saves time. In order to check performance specification, there are some elements which should be considered.

Check on the speed which is expressed in Mhz. also, timing is key and is referenced to as a CAS. Voltage is another factor you should consider. Modern DDR4 ranges from 2133MHz to over 3200MHz. Motherboard manufacturers usually indicate the maximum memory speed. It is good to stick to the maximum value usually indicated on the motherboard.

Troubleshooting guideline

Just like any other electronic devices, memory can be prone to challenges. Since it’s sold in stick pairs, you might find one of them is not functioning. You must have a clear guideline on how to solve such problems. The very first thing to consider before purchasing the RAM is to check whether the manufacturer has provided the manual on troubleshooting simple problems.

Most manufacturers have excellent customer services while others ignore that bit. It is good to have technical knowledge on how to deal with simple problems arising when using the RAM. Moreover, it is also good to know its installation process.

Technical Bits

Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand some of the writings on the outside part of the memory sticks. It is a requirement by standards to compile every information of what the memory contains. These are bits that can be used to ascertain the originality and quality of your memory.

Remember to read every information. If you are unable to understand, you seek assistance from the manual. You should be having a prior information about the memory you want before going to the market.

While at first glance it might appear choosing of memory could be a hard task, we have covered the most important parts of capacity, classifications and speed.

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