How to Start a New Business Step by Step in 2020?

Are you tired of working for others? Have you ever thought about starting a new business? If yes, then now is the time. Starting a business requires some hard work, planning, and execution. 

However, you do not need to worry about where to start, as this guide on how to start a new business step by step in 2020 will help you with it. Just follow the below steps and you will understand where you need to work to get your business up and running.

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Develop a Business Idea

Every successful business starts with an idea that makes it a million-dollar company with proper execution. You need to start by developing an idea for your business to solve the problems of your potential customers. 

You can adopt different strategies to find a business idea such as brainstorming, competition analysis, and etc. Just think of these questions for your business and you will get a great idea.

Define Your Products

The product or service of your business needs to solve a problem for a group of people. The problem can be anything and you will need to provide a service or a product to solve it for your customers. 

The best way is to think of your skill and answer the relevant questions for your business.

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Target Your Customers

Before starting a business, you need to have a proper picture of your potential audience. Try to know their behavior, choices, problems, etc to create a better product for them.

Prepare the Business Plan

In this step, you need to prepare a business plan to give a proper form to your idea. It includes different strategies such as business summary, budgeting, product information, and many more. 

It is advised to get a business plan written by an expert to get some clear expectations of your business.

Get a Customer Support 

It is very important to have customer service, even if  you are working from home without an office yet. Having a customer support line can help you solve the problem.

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Choose a WorkPlace

Your business will need an office to work properly. We recommend starting with a rented office to save some money for other resources at the first stage of your business. Another way to cut some additional costs is to allow your team to work remotely. 

Most of the businesses are practicing this method as it saves them a lot of money while enjoying the privilege of work from home.

Hire Employees

You will need to create a team by hiring some employees for your business. Another trend is hiring project-based freelancers to save some extra money on your budget. You need to pay the freelancers only when they are hired to work on a project. 

However, an employee needs a proper salary for every month. Choosing between employees and freelancers is a personal decision as it depends on your business type and requirements. 

Building Your Brand

The main goal of your business should be to satisfy the needs of the end customer. However, building a brand is another thing that should be left behind while working on your goals. 

Branding gives a unique identity to your products and creates a separate space in your customer’s mind for your services. Here are some important parts of branding, you should know about:

Website and Social Media Accounts

Having an attractive website for your business is so important in this competitive world. It will act as a platform to convey your message to your potential customers without spending any money on paid ads. 

Similarly, your social media accounts are as important as a website. They can help you connect to a broader audience without spending much time on website SEO and content strategy.

You can also use paid promotions to get some early customers for your business. It will help to place your Brand as the leading problem-solver for a specific niche. 

There are different ways to run paid ads such as Facebook ads, Google Ads, and Youtube Ads. Additionally, you can take advantage of many other offline traditional paid promotion strategies, such as radio ads, billboards, and yard signs.


The success of a business depends on every small or big decision you make before starting it. You need to prepare a better business plan summarizing all the needs to start your business. Satisfying your customer’s needs is the best way to ensure your success.

The tips that have been provided in our guide are applied to many successful businesses. Making some smart choices like working remotely and using virtual phone numbers like 0330 numbers with lower cost on WeNumber can turn out as a game-changer for your business.

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