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Intel’s Project Alloy

Finally, Intel has launched its Project Alloy, a mixed reality device. After the introduction of Oculus rift, virtual reality has taken its path in this internet world to new heights. Microsoft also launched Holo lens which was based on Augmented reality. Now it’s time for intel to showcase its hardware intellectual in the market.

What is Mixed Reality ?

After the terms like virtual reality & augmented reality, this mixed reality is not a new term but would consider a slightly modified one. Virtual Reality which is the environment created by computer simulation in an electronic device ( Usually Headset ) to replicate the surrounding which can be real or imagined. While Augmented Reality is more of digital images or environment on the real life ( Similar to like Iron Man movies ). The elements are Augmented in the real world.

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When it comes to mixed reality, it’s nothing different from an Augmented reality. The difference between Augmented and Mixed reality is that augmented focus on projecting 3D view of the objects in the real world whereas the mixed reality focuses on engaging the same experience in the virtual world.

 Project Alloy

As the name suggest Alloy ( which is usually a mixture of metals ), similarly this new mixed reality will be a mixture of VR with the real world.  The problem with VR is that it creates boundaries between individual by taking out them into completely virtual and individual world. This would be overcome by mixed reality, where the restriction between the virtual world and the real world will be diminished and it will be more responsive.

Intel Project Alloy

Project Alloy which is cordless headset which can create virtual images by Intel’s RealSense motion tracking sensors by use of 3D cameras and internal battery. This will focus on reducing the barrier between the VR and the real world. Intel also plans to release this as an open source next year, so that other manufacturers  can also develop.

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Project Alloy will be available to the users from next year, where the software will be made open source along with RealSense application programming interface. 


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