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Is the dark web illegal?

The Internet is the home to all the information from across the world that one needs. While Internet helps the people to keep in touch with their friends and families across the globe, a small section of the Internet also houses some of the deepest, darkest secrets of the Internet. This invisible, hidden part of the Internet is known as the Deep Web which contains a number of online content which is not indexed by normal search engines. This Deep web consists of a number of contextual web pages, dynamic content sites and scripted content.

But what has caught the attention of the world most is another small portion of Internet hidden inside the Deep Web. This portion is known as the Dark Web, home to some illicit activities across the globe. This gives rise to the question – ‘Is the dark web illegal’.

What is Dark Web?

The Dark Web consists of Internet content which can only be found on darknets and overlay networks. While these networks are available on the Internet, you require special software, change in configurations and authorization to access them. Usually, the darknets found on the Dark Web consists of multiple peer-to-peer networks and larger networks controlled by individuals and organizations alike.

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What are the various activities that happen on the Dark Web?

Is the dark web illegal – the answer to this question lies in the further part of the article. The Dark Web is home to some of the most illicit web activities across the globe. While some of the activities and exchanges on the Dark Web are only limited to exchanges of goods and services, there are other disturbing activities that also happen behind the scenes over the Dark Web. Here is a list of activities that you can normally find there.

Illegal Pornography

 The Dark web is notoriously known for its illegal trafficking of child pornography amongst its user base. While distributing child pornography over the internet is considered as a criminal offense, Dark web has allowed a portal for users to exchange it anonymously. Besides it, other illicit content on the Dark Web includes revenge porn and sexualized torture of animals and their killings.

Darknet Markets

 Most of the people might be aware of the presence of Silk Roads being run for illegal drug trading over the Darknet markets. Besides drug trading, these darknet markets form a home to other such trade markets including providing software exploits against organizations and companies. Also, weapons trading form an essential part of this market.

Hacking groups and Services

Dark Web provides the perfect platform for people to hire the services of some the biggest hacking groups to perform cyber-crimes and other hacking services. These large groups also use the Dark Web to hire other hackers to their groups depending upon their skill level.

Social Media

The Dark Web also houses social media platforms similar to the ones available on the internet. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and others have also launched their own version of Dark Web platform to provide services to all the areas of the World Wide Web.

Is the dark web illegal to be accessed by Normal People?

While Deep Web and in particular, Dark Web, seems a bad place to access, it is not Illegal to browse them. You can freely access the Dark Web using the Tor Browser but using the Dark Web to buy illicit items or perform any of the activities mentioned above such as Hiring Hacking groups, drug trading, weapon trading and more are illegal.

It should be noted that while Tor Browser ensures anonymity over the internet, there have been cases reported where the authorities have been able to locate and identify cases of illicit activities on the Dark Web and prisoned the people behind these activities.

If it not Illegal, then why is it hidden?

You might have got the answer to the question – ‘Is the dark web illegal’. It houses a number of illegal activities which can land anyone found guilty of these activities in the prison. It is well0hidden from normal eyes because of the illegal activities that happen in this part of the web. You can access the Dark Web as long as you don’t take part in any of the illegal activities on it.

The EndNote

This post gives you the answer to the question – ‘Is the dark web illegal’. Dark Web is well-hidden over the World Wide Web because of a number of illicit activities that happen over that part of the Internet. You need to always remember one thing if you wish to access the Dark web that it is not illegal to access the Dark Web but it is illegal to buy anything from there.

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