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Finding your favorite music online is always a tedious task. Maybe your search across different websites will remain endless, and yet you may not be able to find the tracks you have been searching for. You need not worry anymore. With Keepvid music you can search over 10000 music sharing websites from within a single portal.

The simple, yet powerful tool lets you download thousands of music files onto your computer in a jiffy.

What is Keepvid Music?

To begin with, Keepvid Music is a free software tool that enables you to download music directly from any website. In fact, you can treat it to be the best music downloader tool for all kinds of music needs you may have.

Keepvid Music can help you download, play or share the music files of your choice in an easy to use and simple manner.


If you have Keepvid Music, you can download music from websites ranging across a vast list. YouTube, Vevo, DailyMotion and Spotify – you name it, Keepvid has it. Keepvid claims that it can download music from over 10,000+ websites and music sharing sites.

Keepvid is a site that offers exclusive free video or music downloads from a considerably good number of sites and safe to use on PC or laptop.

The Look and Feel

The Keepvid Music has a simple and easy to use interface. There are no unnecessary flashy items on the interface. The interface is as simple as you would expect a music player would be (and should be). Nothing in here is gaudy or out of place.

The interface comes with four tabs – Get Music, Music Library, Device and Toolbox. You can search for titles and download the ones you want from the top right corner. The bottom of the screen contains the music controls to play the music files. The music player comes with lyrics display support.

In essence, what makes it a good choice is its simplicity and importance of the functionality.

The Features

Download Music

  • Keepvid Music lets you download music from around the web in an easy way.
  • You can search for your favorite music from YouTube, Vimeo or other popular sites. Over 10,000+ sites are supported.
  • The meta tags are automatically added to the music files as and when you download them.
  • Keepvid Music can download an entire batch of files in a single click.

Record Music

  • You can record the on-screen video with the help of Keepvid Music. This feature is helpful when some sites do not allow you download the files for some security reasons.
  • The tool can remove ads from the tracks and splits within the tracks.
  • Just click on the Record and done! Any music playing on your PC is recorded.

Find Music

  • Keepvid offers you an extensive music collection.
  • The tool covers over 3 million songs, 35000 albums, over 1000 playlists to choose from.
  • The charts are regularly updated.

Transfer Music seamlessly

  • Keepvid has a music library built within the application. You can use it to transfer your music across devices.
  • You can sync your music across Android, Mac, Windows, iPhone or iPad.
  • The tool can convert the music to a format that your device supports, so you need not worry about the compatibility.
  • You need not worry about file transfers anymore. Keepvid supports cross-platform transfers across Android and iOS. There is no limit on the number of files you can transfer.
  • Music library on Keepvid can quickly add tags to the music tracks.

Keepvid Music Toolbox


This is one of the best features and one that we have ever come across on the Keepvid interface. Keepvid Music Toolbox is the best feature that works like a charm as long as a few important tasks are concerned. The tool has a few options that let you organize, save and share your music content. Some of them are

  • Music rebuilder – This tool lets you transfer your iOS or Android Music to iTunes. Please note that you will need to have iTunes installed on your system.
  • Transfer iTunes to the device – This tool helps you in transferring your iTunes files to your iOS or Android.
  • Backup and Restore iTunes – As the name itself indicates you can back up and restore your iTunes library.
  • It also contains several other tools like DRM content remover or cleaning up your music library. The latter option aids in correcting the errors in tags and metadata.

Subscription and Packages

Keepvid Music is available for free trial. The free version may not have the additional features you may get on the Pro versions.
Keepvid offers you the following packages –

  • Annual License – The plan is available on one device for one year. Package price would be $ 39.95 per year. Free lifetime updates are available with this plan.
  • Lifetime License – The plan lets you have lifetime validity. The one-time payment would be $ 59.95. The Lifetime license will be valid on one PC only. This plan also comes with free lifetime upgrades.
  • Family License – The family license will be valid on more than one PC. You can enroll up to 5 PCs with this plan. The plan charges are $ 149.98. Even this plan will come with free lifetime upgrades.

The prices are equivalent to Windows and Mac operating systems. Please note that the plans described above are for personal licenses.

If you want quotes for Business licenses, you will need to get in touch with the customer care service of Keepvid. Visit the official link for more information.

The Final Thoughts

You can download Keepvid Music from the official Keepvid website. Our experience with the tool has been more than what we were expecting. You can be sure that the software is 100 percent safe to use and can try Keepvid Music as they have been offering a free trial for all users.

You can always opt for the Pro version if you are satisfied with the features offered by the tool. We are sure you will fall in love with the solid functionality that Keepvid Music offers you.

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