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Videos have become one of the most popular modes of communicating your ideas. There are several video sharing websites that let you stream classic videos. The Internet has several ways that would let you download videos from the websites.

When it comes to downloading videos, Keepvid is the first name that comes to anybody’s mind. Keepvid has been a well-known option, and it can be the best one you can go with if you want to download a video.

What is exactly Keepvid?

Keepvid is a great name in the video downloading arena. It does let you download the videos from practically any site. The service has support for almost popular video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and other sites.

The interface of the tool is quite self-explanatory. The functionality does not need any kind of specialized learning or practice. Simply copy and paste the link inside the text box. Keepvid has specially designed mobile apps for Android and other operating systems. Android app from Keepvid to download videos fast & for free.

Apart from the mobile apps, Keepvid also makes it easy to access the videos of your choice through the browser extensions. Extensions would be helpful as you would need to no need to launch any application as the videos can be downloaded from within your browser.

How does Keepvid work?

Well, Keepvid is the best option for downloading your videos. The simple interface would make it the excellent choice for your needs.

Though the site has separate apps meant for downloading the videos, you can use it directly on its website. Visit the official site and then enter the link for the video you want to download in the text box provided. You can choose between several formats that you would want to download the video in.

Keepvid Browser Extensions

Keepvid does provide you access to over 10,000 sites. The list of the sites is wonderful enough and informative in more ways than one.

Apart from the videos, you can extract the audio from the video tracks of your choice. The service does not need you to sign in to any service to be able to utilize the functionality of the Keepvid Video Downloader service.

Keepvid Extensions – Simplified way to download your videos

Keepvid Extensions is another great means of having access to an excellent video download experience with Keepvid. As we have already made it well understood that the service is the prime choice for video downloads.

But the regular method of downloading the videos involves copying and pasting the link to the video of your choice on the website.

Check out keep vid Extensions here –> Extensions from Keepvid ( Discontinued )

However, the provision for the separate extensions does away the requirement for additional tasks like copying and pasting the links. Downloading the videos cannot have been easier – Keepvid Helper is the excellent browser extension that would let you almost automate the task of video downloads.

The browser does work with almost all popular browsers – be it Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Yandex among others.

Installing the browser extension on your computer is quite simple and easy. Here is how you can go with it –

  • Visit the Google Chrome Webstore and look for TamperMonkey. The service is a means with which a Download button is added to your YouTube site. It also has some additional functionalities.
  • Now visit the site and download the Keepvid Helper
  • That should do it. Whenever you visit a page that contains a video, you will find a Keepvid Download button. Clicking on this button will download the video instantly.

The Keepvid Helper Extension on your browser will be helpful in simplifying the task of downloading the videos on any of your favorite videos sharing site.

You should see a Download button whenever you are watching a video on your computer. Click on the button, choose the format you want to download the video in and that does it – your video will be saved on your computer.

Salient Features of Keepvid

Keepvid is your prime choice for video downloads and It’s also the Best video downloader of all time. Some of the specific features that the device excels with include

  • It supports a lot of formats – Keepvid can handle a considerable number of file formats, and the list covers all the major ones at that. In all, the service has a support for over 150 file formats.
  • Support for a lot of sites – Keepvid does support more than 10,000 sites. The list includes all major video sharing websites. Some of the worthy mentions include Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Vine and hotstar among others.
  • The Service is free to use – Keepvid is a completely free service. You can continue using it as long as you would want.
  • Extension Support – Keepvid supports browser extensions as explained here above. This would mean the ease of access to your video downloads. There is no need to visit the Keepvid site to download the video.
  • Subtitles – Keepvid supports subtitles in multiple languages. This can be an added advantage when you want to download the videos in a foreign language.

Final Verdict

Keepvid has always been our favorite when it comes to videos and video downloads. Video fans worldwide would definitely swear on the name of Keepvid.

The service, especially, the browser extension is something that has been designed looking at the requirements of video lovers and the issues that face. It should be your prime option for any sort of requirement in audio and video downloads.

The easy functionality of the browser extensions that Keepvid offers you would definitely go a long way in making it a sought after service for any of your need in video downloads. The service does work three times faster than the other regular video downloading services.

We would definitely be pleased to treat it as the best one for all our video requirements.

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