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Keepvid Pro Review – The best video downloader ever

Everyone loves watching videos. As they say, pictures speak more than the words. We would, in fact, go a step ahead to say videos speak more than the words. Yes, videos are the best stuff that is made available by technology.

Of course, we can watch videos online by means of what we call streaming. What if we want to download the videos for offline viewing? Well, we do have a huge number of sites that allow you download the videos directly.

Keepvid Pro Review

But, it is not a comfortable task with some sites. If you want to download videos, you would definitely need the best video downloader. KeepVid Pro is one such excellent video downloader that helps you achieve the task.

What is KeepVid Pro?

To begin with, KeepVid Pro is the ultimate solution for your needs of downloading videos. It excels in comparison to the competing video downloaders with its support for a huge range of websites.

KeepVid has always been an excellent video downloading service. It has been the prime choice for video downloads from YouTube. The online version lets you enter the URL of the video you wish to download and done; the site downloads the video for you.

Now KeepVid has introduced KeepVid Pro. It is a desktop software program you can install on your Windows and Mac computer. The tool lets you download videos from YouTube, Facebook and a host of other popular websites and video services. The site claims that it supports over 10000 video sharing sites.

You have access to a high quality of video downloads with the help of an excellent video downloader.

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The Looks

The interface has nothing special in terms of looks. The interface lets you paste the URL of the video on the clipboard and download the video. There are tabs to check the downloaded videos, the ones in pending or In Progress status. The software also has an option to record the process of downloading.

The interface provides a Turbo Mode option so that the video download process can be improved in cases of slow internet connections. Another smart option on the top right corner lets you convert the video to your preferred format once it is downloaded.

Keepvid Pro video downloader

The video download tool also has an Online Video section. You can use this option to browse and stream videos from around 10000+ video sharing sites. That could be a great option for those who do not want to download the videos onto their device. The interface of the KeepVid Pro has a browser like structure wherein you can open multiple tabs.

The Features

KeepVid has claimed that the site has so far helped people download over 100,000,000 videos. It should not come by as a surprise as the software does come with a host of unique features that would set it apart from the competitors. Some of the salient features of the tool include

  • Support for a massive list of websites – KeepVid Pro supports over 10000 video streaming sites. The list is quite huge and impressive. KeepVid Pro works with YouTube, DailyMotion, Yahoo etc. to name a few.
  • Choose between video and audio formats – If you want to download just the audio of the video file, KeepVid Pro lets you do it. The feature will help you extract audio from the video files. You can do it by choosing Download MP3 option in the Paste URL drop down list.
  • Easy video conversion options – KeepVid Pro helps you convert the videos to the format of your choice from within the tool. You will not need to opt for any other third party software for the conversion requirements. The built in converter on KeepVid Pro can convert your videos to over 150 audio or video formats.
  • In-built Browser – KeepVid Pro comes with a built-in browser. That would do away the need for any additional browser. The browser also supports multiple tabs. In fact, you can treat it as a virtual browser.
  • KeepVid Pro can record videos – Certain sites do not support downloading videos from their portfolio. In such cases, you can choose the Record Video option. The recording options can be tweaked as per your needs. The recording option can let you record anything on the screen. Actually, the feature can be used to make tutorials or guides.

A few Pros and Cons

KeepVid Pro is an excellent tool for any of your requirements in the realm of Video downloads. Let us know where it excels and what are the improvements we need.

  • Channel or batch download support.
  • Aids to Merge audio and video files.
  • It can download subtitles.
  • The software is easy to use.
  • Availability of the free version.
  • Built-in browser


  • YouTube videos cannot be browsed in the Online Videos section.
  • Price appears to be a little on the higher side.


KeepVid Pro comes with four options for you. You can choose the plan that best suits you.

  • Free Trial – The free trial version can be used for a lifetime. You will not have access to certain Pro features, though.
  • Annual Plan – The annual plan covers one year of subscription. Please note that the plan is valid on One PC. The plan comes at $ 19 per year.
  • Lifetime license – The lifetime license will cost you $ 29. The license is valid on one PC.
  • Family License – The family license covers two to five PCs. The plan has a lifetime validity. The charges of the plan are $ 72.50.

For business users, KeepVid offers customized plans based on the number of PCs and the license period required. All the above plans offer you lifetime free updates.

The concluding thoughts

KeepVid Pro is the best app to download videos. The support for a huge variety of video sharing websites, easy conversion to the preferred formats and browser support are some of the features that make it an outstanding option when it comes to video downloaders.

The software works as a one stop solution for all your needs. The multiple functionalities rolled into one tool would make it a great software as you would not need additional tools for your needs. If you are still undecided on whether or not to buy the tool, why not try the free variant and get a feel of the same? If you like it, you can choose to buy it.

Keepvid Pro Review
Keepvid Pro surpasses other video downloaders by a huge margin. Keepvid Pro is the best of all the video downloaders with simple interface and hassle free mode.
Supports video downloading from 28 sites which includes YouTube
Have an option to record videos
Inbuild Conversion feature
Not available for Chrome. Working only on IE & Firefox
Out of 10

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