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Kuaiyong app – Download & install for iOS

Kuaiyong app is an exceptional app store for iOS that would let you install paid iOS apps and games for free on your Apple device. The iOS is a secure operating system and the app store on iOS apps is one of the most secure ecosystems for downloading the apps and games. It takes extreme care to safeguard its users against rogue apps.

However, what if you are checking out your options to find a few iOS apps before release or looking for cracked versions? You will need an alternative app store for the purpose.

The iOS ecosystem has several third party or alternative app stores. However, most of them need you to jailbreak your Android. Kuaiyong app is one such app store that lets you install it on an Apple device without the need for jailbreaking it. Let us explore a few features that this app store comes with and find how you can install it on your Apple device.

Kuaiyong app – An Overview

Kuaiyong app is an exceptional app store for iOS that would let you install paid iOS apps and games for free on your Apple device. It can be used for downloading paid and modded apps for free. A perfect alternative for Hipstore, vShare, AppAddict, and Mojo Installer, and provides you with some of the apps that are not available on any other app stores.

Kuaiyong App

The app is available in the Chinese language and thus can be an issue for most of us. However, there are app icons, and that should allow you to navigate through the collection and choose your favorite apps or games easily. Hopefully, the developers will think of introducing the English language just the way a few other Chinese app stores have released the international versions of their app stores.

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What makes the Kuaiyong app so special? Possibly a few features that it offers to hold the key to that question. So, what are these specific features? Here we go and check out some of them –

  • It provides you with an easy to use interface. The functionality of the app is simple and one of the best suited for the newbies.
  • It lets you download all the apps and games in its repository for free. In fact, it offers you several paid games for free – either in their original form or as the cracked version.
  • The App is compatible with a host of iOS versions including iOS 9.
  • You would not need to jailbreak your iOS device for using the Kuaiyong app on your phone. That would indeed be one of the best features, simply because jailbreak voids your warranty and makes your phone vulnerable to security attacks.

The only issue with the app is it is available in the Chinese language and can be difficult to understand for most of us. However, installing it through Cydia would help you translate it into English, though some sections will still be available in Chinese alone. However, for using Cydia, you would need to jailbreak your device which, ideally, we would not recommend.

How to Download Kuaiyong app?

The Kuaiyong app is compatible with most of the popular iPhone models. Some worthy mentions would include iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, iPhone SE and several other models. In fact, earlier versions of the app store needed you to jailbreak your iOS device, but the recent update has made it work without the jailbreak.
Here are the steps involved in downloading the app store on an iPhone –

  • Launch Safari browser on your iPhone. Other browsers may be compatible, but we haven’t checked them. Safari browser works without throwing errors.
  • Go to the URL
  • If the webpage is loaded properly, you should find a Download button.
  • Navigate to All apps and EMUS
  • Now, search for Kuaiyong app.
  • Choose the app and tap on it to begin downloading it.
  • When you are asked for confirmation to install, tap on Install.

You have successfully installed the app on your iPhone. However, it would not work unless you trust the developer. This can be done from the General Settings on your iPhone.Here are the steps you can follow –

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Profiles ->Device management.
  • Locate the app profile for Kuaiyong app.
  • Tap on Trust twice to confirm.

That does it. You have successfully trusted the app developer for Kuaiyong app and it will start working.

Any Errors?

The app store used to face a few errors when it was initially launched. However, the recent updates have made it possible to download, install and use the app store much easier. We have used it on multiple devices and confirmed that it works perfectly.

You may, however, come across a Can not Connect error at times. Do note that this is purely an error on the server side of the app store. There is nothing you can do to resolve this issue at your end. It would be advisable to wait for a little time and try to connect once again. However, it may not be possible to predict the exact time for which you may continue facing the error.

Incidentally, the app is also available on Windows PC. You can install the app store on your Windows PC and explore the exciting world of iOS apps and games.

Concluding Thoughts

Well, that was all we have for the Kuaiyong app for now. It should be your prime choice for checking out the paid apps on iOS for free. Check out the tool and share your experiences, opinions and thoughts with us. Your inputs will be helpful for us to come up with information on more similar useful applications available on iOS and Android.

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