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Learn AI & Machine Learning for free from Google

Google launched a new site ( Learn With Google ) where you can get all the information related to AI ( Artifical Intelligence ) &  ML ( machine learning ) for free.

The course videos present in the site are actually designed to introduce few basic concepts in AI & ML to Google employees. Now they released it to everyone. The site consists of tutorials from Beginners to expert level & they will further additional information in the course which will be open to everyone & that too for free.

Learn AI with Google

These courses are available in video format, documentation, interactive, tutorials etc. The future of technology is mostly dependent on AI & ML. With FaceBook working aggressively on AI & implementing changes in it’s Algo based on AI & also many other tech giants are focusing on AI.

When Google first started testing out AI/ML they have developed this course for an internal purpose to train their employees, now all these courses are available for free.

You will also get access to Tensor flow which is an open source software library for machine learning for research & production. Tensorflow will work on various devices from a smartphone to a data center. Play with different Google’s AI experiments like AI duet, Quick Draw,  Georgio Cam etc. You can also submit your work on AI to Google.

Use Kaggle which is one of the largest community for data science & machine learning to explore open data & compete in ML challenges. All the courses constitute almost 15 hours & 40 exercise included from Google researchers.


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