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Levi’s Project FLX uses Laser to design jeans

Project FLX ( Future Led Execution ) which is developed by Levi Strauss & Co will digitize the way denim jeans are designed & developed. With this FLX they planned to reduce the time taken to design a jean manually which is 2-3 pairs / Hour to 90 sec/pair. This will fasten the designing process of the jeans & also eliminate a lot of chemical usage associated with the traditional denim designing by labor manually.

The ripped/torn jeans first came to the textile industry in early 1980’s before that the lower end working class who couldn’t afford jeans used to wear the ripped jeans for work but now the ripped jeans are part of fashion & different brands experimenting different shades & shapes.

Levi's Project FLX

Traditional process involves a lot of labor work with more than thousand chemicals which are used to create perfect finishes. Though the project FLX eliminates all these, the other side of coin remains about the huge decrease of job’s associated with it & also authenticity of the jeans.

Designing is done through digital marketing tools & this can be used as a brilliant strategy for consumers to order jeans which they can personally design. Bart Sights, Levi’s VP in technical innovation, who also leads Levi’s innovation lab called Eureka lab where they tested out the designing & development of prototype using this laser tech.

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