New Mac OS High Sierra Features

The New MacOS High Sierra is a little boring when you compare with the other Mac updates. It definitely has a new file system but it does not come with a lot of exciting features. But it’s good to take a look at the handful of new features:


In this new update, the photos app is a very powerful editor and there is a sidebar that shows your memories, library, albums and Live Photos. You can also see photos based on the type whether its panorama or burst shot etc. The sidebar has an import section from where you can see the imported data quickly. In the sidebar, there is a shortcut to get the hidden photos. In the Photos app, you can save and play GIFs.

Apple new iPad with Pencil

In the list view, you have a drop-down; you can drag and drop images in any album or also to the desktop for export. There are new editing tools, the existing one has been revamped and there is a new ‘compare’ button in the corner. You also have the liberty to move photos to any editor of your choice, sharing is also so simple.

There is the new Live Photos feature in High Sierra, you can mute and trim a live photo or choose new keyframe. You can enjoy the memories feature; it can create memories for special events. Finally, you can publish websites and books using Wix and Shutterfly.


High Sierra can store iMessages history in cloud very similar to iOS 11 and it’s entirely encrypted. A lot of Mac users complain that they faced certain issues while they intended to sync iMessages between the Mac and iPhone/iPad. Yes, you are right that it’s very much possible to log into Mac with the Apple ID and synchronize all data; this is applicable for iMessages as well.

But incase if you are facing the issue of Imessages not syncing on Mac, there are ways to fix. Here is the first method for you, so here are the steps:

  1. Access Settings on your device and tap messages
  2. Enable ‘imessages’ and a message would say ‘waiting for activation’ so wait a few seconds.
  3. Enter point ‘send and receive’ and select the desired number to start chatting.
  4. Now Go to iCloud and enable messages

Now if this works its great orelse, there is another set of steps, take a look:

  1. First of all you must ensure that the Apple ID you have used for messages in Mac is same as the one you are using for messaging in Mac.
  2. First open ‘messages’ on Mac, you can access menu and choose ‘Preferences. You can use certain keyboard shortcuts.
  3. Now go to imessages tab
  4. You must ensure that the option ‘enable this account’ is verified for Apple ID. You must also make sure that you can be reached via same email and phone number that is configured in your device.
  5. Check the option ‘enable messages in iCloud and then push ‘Sync Now’.

After performing these steps, you can overcome the issue.


Are you sick of auto-playing videos mainly on Facebook? The new High Sierra, you can get rid of those. In Safari you can block the autoplay and you can also stop sound based content. Safari also comes with smart tracking prevention; it finds out advertisers that track you on web and removes data. It has also added more privacy controls of Mac microphone, camera and notifications. Now, you can also set the browser to automatic reader mode.


There is the new improved family sharing and all can use storage from one storage plan. ICloud also offers better file sharing through collaboration. This means each and everyone can work on the document real-time.


In High Sierra Sir has more natural voices and the music playback is much improved. Now Siri is also better at managing music requests and you can also get personalized playlist.

A few more new features

Universal Clipboard – The exciting thing is you can copy on one Mac and again paste on another nearby device. This is all because of the universal clipboard

Touch Bar – Now, you can double tap the volume button on the touch bar and mute the Mac audio. You can also swipe for adjusting brightness and volume. There are buttons for AirPlay and Night Shift.

Wallpaper and font – High Sierra offer new wallpaper and it’s amazing. High Sierra has a new system font which is known as San Francisco Arabic.


Do you like the new features? It is time to make the most of the New Mac OS High Sierra.

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