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MadeByGoogle- things to expect from Oct 4 Google Event

Usually, Google announces its products in Google I/O event but this time, the trend gonna break and a separate event has been made for hardware section. Last month Apple has announced iPhone 7 & &plus at an event in San Francisco and this is Google’s turn “Made By Google” event is in San Francisco on October 4.

Possible Device launches in MadeByGoogle Event

Made By Google Event

Pixel Mobiles

So, Google has finally ended the Nexus device list with Nexus 5X & 6P which was released last year. Now the new devices from Google are named as Pixel. This is the inevitable release from Google  where they will release 2 smartphones, Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

So many rumours are surrounding these devices and here are some of the rumoured specifications of Pixel & Pixel XL.

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Both the devices will feature the new Android version N and will come with the default pixel launcher. Pixel launcher will have Google now as a button on top left and the new navigation system on bottom.


The above are the leaked images of Pixel & Pixel XL which are on twitter posted by one guy, he got it from Canadian Bell website.

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Google Home

Google Home, which is the wireless speaker which can also be used as a home automation system, play music and also go through the search queries. The best part is all these tasks can be performed by voice control which is powered by Google Assistant. If you want a glimpse of Google Assistant, then install Google Allo messaging app.

Google home is similar to Amazon Echo and will give tough competition to the former device.

Day Dream VR

Google has been in the VR competition from a long time with its very cheap Google cardboard but now the advanced version for VR will be launched. Daydream VR will cut the gap between smartphone and VR by simplifying the connectivity and all the other aspects.

If you have used VR headset then you can experience the difficulty in viewing all the components at one place. The Present VR headset will display the video components discretely so that’s the reason you can’t view the whole content on a single view. Day Dream VR is the Google Answer for this.

4k ChromeCast

Google ChromeCast which has been first released in 2013 will get an update in this event. ChromeCast is small dongle which you can connect to your tv or any Audio system and play media from apps on your smartphone through WIFI. The first generation chrome cast launched in 2013 and this year in this Oct 4 event, ChromeCast 4k will be released.

The name itself indicates that it has support to 4k resolution and it will be named as ChromeCast Ultra.

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WIFI Router

A WIFI router by Google is on cards for a long time and also the leaked snaps of speed through WIFI Router has gone viral. Google Wi-Fi will have a mesh network where you can connect multiple routers and will have better range than normal routers. When Google enters the field, you can expect the best out of it.

The leaked information about this Google Wi-Fi is that it features 2 ports with support to Bluetooth.


Most of the above devices are already announced in this year Google I/O but in this MadeByGoogle event they gonna launch the devices and will be available to buy. The name itself “MadeByGoogle” speaks for itself that the devices are manufactured by Google and also they have taken special care about the hardware devices which will be branded under G.

The above-discussed things are just rumoured and found on the internet from various sources, to know the actual device, catch the event on  4 Oct , 4 PM GWT.

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