Finding Difficulties Managing Your Invoices and Payments Under GST?

Here is an Easy Way Out

Goods and Service Tax Act, GST, this is a term every business person has been worried, tensed, stressed, and confused about. The Act has come as a revolution within the indirect tax regime and replaced four different taxation laws in a single blow. And with that replacement have come new rules for everything, be it registration, return filing, or the payments of the indirect taxes.

There are also new formats for the returns and invoices under the Act. The Act has introduced a GST invoice format in excel that governs the complete GST billing system. Moreover, the payment mechanisms have also changed, and you can easily make the GST payment online.

With all these changes, the taxation management for the businesses has turned upside down. The business people are no professionals. They are laymen who hardly understand the law as vast as GST.

So, most of the businesses appoint GST professionals to manage their transactions relating to GST, and this essentially adds up to their operational costs. However, businesses can simply avoid this cost if they get a little proactive.


Although a vast Act, GST has not at any point failed to keep things easy for the taxpayers. While there are some things where you absolutely need a professional well-versed with GST, you need not bother yourself and your pocket by going to these professionals for some minor things like payment of GST or the creation of GST invoices.

It is, in fact, not even feasible for you to have your GST invoices prepared by a GST professional because that is something you have to do all day for every transaction that happens in your business. So what should be your solution to overcome the difficulties you are facing with the creation of these invoices. Well, that is very simple. All you have to do is get yourself a GST billing system.

What is a GST Billing System?

An invoice is a receipt that serves as proof of a transaction to have taken place. Earlier, these invoices used to be simple, and the businesses could prepare them in any format they like. However, GST introduces a new GST invoice format in excel, thereby necessitating the need for the preparation of GST compliant invoices.

So, businesses sort of faced difficulties in preparing and managing the same because it was not easy for them to understand the format and exactly follow it. A GST billing system is a software that eases out this difficulty.

As a software, the GST billing system has a complete mechanism to prepare GST compliant invoices in its prescribed format easily and effortlessly. This is how!

The software has an inbuilt system where it contains the complete GST invoice format in Excel. When you need to prepare a bill, you simply need to open the billing system, put in the values for the transaction in the correct places in the form appearing on your screen, and then everything will be processed automatically.

The software will read the values, process them, calculate the GST, and show it on the face of the bill. You do not even need to enter the percentage of GST that must be levied. The software will determine that on its own. So, this way, you need not put in any efforts, and you have your GST invoice ready in a jiffy.

There are many such GST billing systems and software available out there in the marketplace, and you can purchase any of them which feels suitable and pocket-friendly to you.

Now that you have your invoicing problem sorted, you must be thinking only if there was something that could help you with the GST payments as well. Well, you need not wonder. There absolutely is a solution given by the GST Act to ease out this difficulty as well, and that solution is the GST online portal.

What is GST Online Portal?

The GST online portal is a platform over the internet that offers all the services relating to GST. It is like a GST office at your home. You simply need to create a user account on the portal and then every time you need any service related to GST, for instance, you need to get a GST registration, download your GST certificate, file GST return, or make GST payment, you can simply log in to the portal and perform all these functions.

So, with this portal, you can simply make a GST payment online. Here is how!

How to Make GST Payment Online?

After you log in to your GST user account on the online portal, go to the services tab, find payments, and click on it. As soon as you click, you will see a GST challan appearing on your screen. Fill up this challan with all the relevant values and figures. After that, select your preferred method of payment.

You can choose e-payment through the portal, over the counter payment by going to GST office, or RTGS/NEFT through your bank. Click on “Proceed” after this. You will see a summary challan on your screen. This challan will also show the option to make payment.

Click on that option. Your payment would be made immediately if you had chosen for online payment. If not, you can take the receipt and proceed with the further offline steps to make the payment.

You can also see the summary of this payment in your cash ledger account on the GST portal. So, it is that simple and convenient. All you have to do is make some clicks on your mouse, and you shall be done with your GST payments.


GST is a revolution in the taxation laws in the country. However, in its attempt to bring a revolution, the GST Act has taken care that everything remains simple and easy for the taxpayers.

Although it makes the invoicing procedure strict with the new GST invoice format in excel, it took care that the creation of such GST compliant invoices remains easy through the various GST billing systems.

Similarly, the Act has provided an easy way out for making the GST payment online. So, the Act is an overall good and simple Act that takes care to ease out every difficulty you face with it.

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