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Master Photo Editing with These Cool IOS Apps

It is said – A picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, what’s the best way to express your thoughts, work and message than with a picturesque image? Today it is particularly easy, just take a photo with your mobile phone camera and there you go. But what to do when you want more from your pics – to make them more beautiful, to reuse data from a snapped photo or to create something more dynamic, like a video? In that case, keep on reading and discover some valuable apps that will expand your horizons in photo editing.

5 IOS Apps to Enhance Photo Editing Skills


Luckily, today it isn’t necessary to have excellent photo editing skills and be an Adobe pro. There are some alternatives, and Snapseed is one of them. Edit your photos, retouch them and more with just one tap on your mobile device. There are many great tools to make your pics perfect: brush, selective adjust, instant fixes and more. Likewise, there are some awesome filters such as glamor, vintage, grunge effect and many others that will make your images look like real artwork. Just snap a photo and create your masterpiece!

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If you are a fan of both photos and videos, and would like to combine them, than FUSED is a must-have app on your iPhone or iPad. You don’t have to be an expert in making splendid visuals since the app is very easy to use. Just upload a background and a foreground using video clips or images saved to your Camera Roll or something from FUSED Artists Collection. Then choose the perfect blend mode for your artwork. Finally, make some color adjustments to each layer and apply masking if needed. Like child’s play, right?

Screenshot Editor

For all writers, designers, developers and others who can’t imagine their professional life without the help of quick screenshots, here is a fantastic productivity app. Screenshot Editor enriches your favorite way of note-taking and communication. It’s possible to add text to your screenshots, customize background and text colors. Also, this app translates the text into various languages. Once you give a pic the final touch, it’s possible to export it to Dropbox, Camera Roll or Twitter. With Screenshot Editor enrich your snapped notes and bring them to a higher level.

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Image to Excel

Since we covered notes, we shouldn’t forget about all those who regularly use Excel tables for work. There is also a way to transform your pictures of tables and spreadsheets into editable Excel documents on your mobile devices. Image to Excel app will give you a hand with that and save you from retyping your data manually. Just snap a photo or use an old one and convert it easily into Excel spreadsheet. Don’t worry about limitations, given that it’s possible to convert as many images as you need. Just download Image to Excel and conquer those tricky tables!

Google Photos

OK, with these useful apps, you’ve mastered the great technique of photo editing and you’ve created numerous masterpieces. Now is the question where to store all of them. No worries, there’s an app for that, too. Google Photos will be a nice home for your precious pics and videos. In addition, they are searchable without difficulty by the people, places and things in them. A very convenient option is to share a link of the image with someone, so you won’t waste time on emailing and texting. A nice app to round up the whole story about image apps, isn’t it?

Is there any other app that you gladly use and find helpful? Share it with us in the comments.

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