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Nike MAG: self lacing shoes – The next generation shoe technology


After Nike had released Hyper Adapt Shoes which had got a major response, now they released “NIKE MAG 2016” a self-lacing, high-tech shoes. These shoes have reached millions of Nike’s fans. Earning their hearts with a real cause of research development on Parkinson’s disease by Micheal.J Fox Foundation.

Wondering you might have seen these earlier somewhere in a movie or on t.v?


2016 Nike Mag shoes are the inspiration from “Back to the Future part II”.

These are the shoes to wear to bring the heat in the surroundings at a party, club, etc., these shoes have got the fresh looks. Even though these can be collective pieces as they cannot use as in daily wear.

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People went crazy when Nike released these shoes.

The main part lies in the sole of the shoes which contains the sensors (weight sensitive). In the back motors are connected to the laces which produce the noise when motor tightens the laces.

When you buckle up for the first time sensors present in the shoe will automatically sense your weight and tightens the laces. Probably they might not be perfectly tight everytime you try them. Nike had realized this as a major flaw, so they added custom mechanics which helps the user to control the imperfections.

Nike Mag 2016 1


We started creating something for fiction and we turned it into fact, inventing a new technology that will benefit all athletes – NIKE-CEO Mark Parker.

There are some buttons in the shoes:

Green button (to tighten the laces),

Red button (to loosen the laces) and

Yellow button (turn lights on sole on/off, also serves as battery checker).

Lights on the back indicate the battery power remained. End of the battery, don’t worry you can charge the shoes same like you charge a mobile. They look quite big, but they are very comfortable.

Nike released 89 pairs of these shoes which are dispersed through a digital draw process. These are available for the US and Canadian residents, and those can participate in this lucky lottery by paying 10$ as ticket fee.

How to Get the Nike Mag: Follow this link

Though these are super-cool and attractive, the buzz in the tech geeks confirms that these are going to be bit pricey. Let us go through some of the pros and cons.


  1. Point to be considered is weight, these pair of Nike Mags are lightweight and durable.
  2. All those led’s and the mechanical portion of the shoes which consume electrical energy like motors can be rechargeable once they are out of juice. Obviously, it’s the cool factor of these mags.


  1. Point to be jotted down, these are not waterproof. Meh!
  2. The adjustability of laces is not satisfyingly good, but it’s quite ok because Nike provided built-in motor to control.
  3. Aren’t available for all sizes, Nike is trying their best to come up with their best format to release these shoes in all sizes added with some more stabilities.


Here is the video of first look & how these self lacing shoes looks like.


[su_box title=”✔ Conclusion” box_color=”#2b2b2b” radius=”0″]
✔ Nike’s 2016 Mag are like future come true, with these kinds of probabilities getting into the limelight shows us the stability of such great company and also bit taste of future.

✔ Nike is trying to improve the battery backup which is the best thing to being improved. The product comes with on-demand support and comfort.

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