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Nougat now runs on most of the Android devices, Oreo Occupies 1%

Android Nougat ( 7.0 ) which was released in Aug 2016 became the most used Android version surpassing Marshmallow ( 6.0 ).

The data has been released by developers from Google based on the test collected during a 7 day period on Feb 5, 2018. Nougat occupied a 28.5% distribution on devices while the Marshmallow has 28.1%

Android versions distribution Feb 2018

This is a great news considering as it surpassed Lollipop which was released along 3-4 Yrs back. Android Oreo ( 8.0 ) which was released last year has just occupied 1% of devices which is still lesser than jelly bean which was released 6 years back.

Oreo stands sixth in the list only Ice cream sandwich & Gingerbread are behind it. There are many factors contributing to it, the one major is the no of budget devices where Marshmellow & nougat are still preferred than Oreo.

There are many reasons for the lesser occupancy of Oreo, the first thing is the availability, Oreo is available only in few devices & it’s still rolling out. Few OnePlus 5T users got the Oreo update a few days back though they all the users didn’t get it still. The Open beta versions are already released if you want to try it out, you can read this post on Open Beta versions of Oreo for OnePlus 5T. But make sure the open beta may damage your device.

Though I never understand this concept from Google of releasing one version every year where even 1% of users aren’t using it. They need to stop this & focus on the features rather than just pushing out the new versions. The last complete update was Android Lollipop which has seen a significant change from its earlier version ( KitKat ) but after Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat & now Oreo doesn’t provide any major update to earlier versions.

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