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New OnePlus device with Notch leaked Online. Might be OnePlus 6

Looks like OnePlus again might go with an inspired iPhone design. Earlier they have inspired/copied the iPhone 7 Plus design for their 5 series. Both Oneplus 5 & 5T posses the same design as of iPhone 7 Plus.

By the images which are leaked, it looks like OnePlus now gonna follow the same pattern by following iPhone X design. The interesting point is the notch, which didn’t go well with the users of iPhone X. So, they are testing it out the notch for the android device.

OnePlus 6 back panel

A slight change in the rear design, they shifted the vertical dual cam placement to center & also the new fingerprint sensor ( Rectangle shape rather than a circle, S9 also followed the similar one ) just below it.

OnePlus 6 specs

This device will be featuring 6 GB RAM / 64 GB internal memory & will work with Android 8.1 ( Oreo ) with Oxygen 5.1 OS beneath it. OnePlus 5T has been released in two versions 6GB / 64 GB & 8GB / 128 GB versions. So they might follow the same for this device.

Most likely this device might be OnePlus 6 unless they gonna bring new series after T. Though OnePlus users/fans have no problem with an inspired design but it became kinda predictable by following iPhone design. OnePlus 3 is the best design from this Chinese manufacturer which has cement’s position in the smartphone industry.


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