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PDF to Excel Convertor – Extract Tables on Your iPhone or iPad

Nowadays, there are many useful apps on the market that give us a hand with our everyday tasks. They have become an excellent replacement for desktop computers, especially in emergencies while we are on the go. There are numerous productivity and business apps which help us get our work done more quickly and efficiently. For example, could you imagine a work day without checking and sending emails on your smartphone? Definitely not. How about those awesome games that keep you amused while traveling between meetings? Or would you remember all your ideas and to-dos without those cherished reminders and note taking apps? Who knows, but let’s not take the risk. Today mobile phones have evolved into small personal computers and as you probably realized, your work day might be quite inefficient and empty.

PDF to Excel Converter App for IOS & Android

Speaking of helpful apps, there is one particularly useful when it comes to document management. Given that in the business world, it’s quite common to deal with many documents, not rarely in different file formats. However, the most used type of the documents is most certainly PDF. Naturally, this is not without a reason and it’s unmodifiable nature makes PDF a perfect place for your valuable data. Still, often there is the need for reversed process – to extract information from PDFs. In that case, you’ll need PDF to Excel app.

PDF to Excel Convertor

PDF to Excel Convertor successfully converts tables from PDFs into editable MS Excel spreadsheets on your mobile devices. This free app allows you to reuse necessary information from static PDF documents, easily modify them, analyze statistics more closely and much more. Let’s see more carefully what else PDF to Excel has to offer.

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There are many handy features that will speed up your work and make digital paperwork a cakewalk. Some of them are:

  • Good conversion quality
  • Rows and columns are entirely identified
  • Scanned documents are convertible too
  • No limits on the file size and number of converted files
  • Won’t drain battery or resources

In the newest version, there are some advanced benefits that will be appreciated by people who frequently use cloud services

  • It’s possible to convert documents from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive directly within the app
  • It’s possible to convert Gmail attachments without leaving the app

Very convenient feature for total document management. Finally, very important characteristic: clear design that makes pleasant user experience.  A cherry on top!

How to use it?

As previously said, the nice and clear design makes PDF to Excel very simple to use. Following these simple instructions, you’ll get your document converted with ease.

  • After downloading PDF to Excel, select a file from your storage place you would like to convert

PDF to Excel Convertor

  • Once you click on the Share button in the right corner, find PDF to Excel app in the OPEN IN menu and tap on it.

PDF to excel App

  • In order to work on the converted documents, an app that opens MS Excel file is needed and that’s everything – straightforward, fast and without a hitch!

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Why use PDF to Excel?

Apart from excellent conversion quality, one of the main reasons to use PDF to Excel app is that now you can get rid of expensive desktop converters and do your job productively on the fly for free. This means it will save your time and budget as well. Also, having access to your files stored on cloud services, PDF to Excel enables document management without difficulty anytime and anywhere. Your business won’t wait anymore.

So managers, accountants and all professionals who rely a lot on Excel spreadsheet, this useful app will make your work life easier. Whether you need to use old tables, make small changes on existing spreadsheets or to examine figures more carefully, PDF to Excel will make it a breeze.

Pros and cons

Besides all positive sides mentioned above, what make this converter app unique is a powerful and industry-leading OCR technology that provides frictionless conversions for free. Isn’t it wonderful to enjoy all the perks of modern technology?

This app is available both on IOS and Android.

On the other hand, even though PDF to Excel is a free app, some features, such as cloud services and Gmail integration are paid, but only $1.99. This is a small price for getting your job done in no time, don’t you think so?


Considering all aspects of PDF to Excel, we would recommend it as a helpful tool for all professionals who handle tables and spreadsheets on a daily basis. The only thing left to do is to download (iOS and Android) it and excel at your work! Share this article on social networking sites to let you friends know about this awesome App.

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