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Phones Emitting Most Radiation – OnePlus 5T tops

Update: Xiaomi Mi A1 tops the list & there are few corrections have been done to the list.

Chinese Smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has been in news for all wrong reasons. Earlier OnePlus 5T users reported that a third party application has been introduced in OTA update which deceptively gathers info from the user. In Nov OnePlus officially announced that their site is hacked & a malicious code has been injected into payments page which gathers users info.

From the series of issues, now OnePlus 5T has been rated top as the phone emitting most radiation from the list of all smartphones. The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz) has a good informative database of how different smartphone emits radiation with respective to SAR ( Specific Absorption Rate ) value.

Smartphones which is now becoming a part of human life carrying 16-18 Hrs a day closer to our body but the radiation that smartphones emit is always been an issue. If you are looking for hacks to get free in-app purchases in iOS, you can check this article on IAPFree installation guide.

Here’s an infographic published by statista which mentioned diff SAR values which are in top 15 most radiation emitting phones at the ear.

phones emitting most radiation

The test was usually done on the smartphones which have a SAR value less than 0.60 watts per KG but all the smartphones have double the SAR value. Chinese smartphone makers OnePlus, Huawei, ZTE tops the chart & consists most no of appearance on this list. The most interesting thing is that Apple devices iPhone 7, 7Plus & 8 are also on the list.

There is nothing like a safe SAR value to know if this radiation has any effect on human body. The point to remember is that the infograph consists SAR value while phone placed on the ear when the phone is closer to the body ( less than 0.5 CM ) then the SAR value increases a bit.

You can check the SAR value of all the devices here –> SAR value list 

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