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Planday – A perfect Employee scheduling software

Employee scheduling software is one of the most needed tools in today’s changed scenario of professional work patterns. A better scheduling system lets you ensure proper workflow by scheduling the specific working hours of your employees.

Planday excels among such Employee scheduling software tools currently available. It is an online tool that helps the managers in overseeing employee working hours, leave requests, payments of salary and other communication.

Planday - The Best Employee Scheduling Software

What is Planday?

Planday, in essence, is an employee scheduling software. It enables the managers with different tools and other functional ideas in being able to manage the employees effectively. It actually is a great tool to bridge the gap between employees and managers. The managers can connect with the employees across multiple devices and platforms through Planday.

Planday makes an attempt at letting the managers save time by having control over the employees, at the same time giving a fair degree of autonomy to the employees. The overburdened schedule of the managers is thus considerably improved.

How does it work?

Well, the software works in an online environment. It works with almost any size of an organization. Planday is an all in one platform with which you can manage your workforce through any device, including – but not limited to desktop, mobile or tablet.

The software is designed so that it will send you compliance warnings, employee availability and other details. You can start almost instantly with your scheduling tasks with a drag and drop feature. It has been reported that users have indicated 75 percent saving in administration time and 5 percent saving in the salary costs. Drag and drop feature along with the ability to copy-pasting schedules achieves this reduction. The copy paste functionality reduces the time required for creating new schedules every time.

Planday Track time & availability

The software is capable of providing a complete overview of employee shifts and thereby you can avoid overstaffing and additional costs associated with it. Planday also has a location-specific clock that lets the employees clock in using any of their devices when they arrive at work. That gives a fair and accurate idea of the exact work hours that have been put in by the employees. Abreast of this knowledge, managers can forecast quite accurate revenues in addition to being able to reduce salary costs.

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Benefits and features of Planday

Planday offers you a great way to manage your employees. It works as a centralised management hub for gathering any kind of data about your employees. A one shot insight into the working culture and the costs associated with your employees would give you a clear understanding of the need for improvements.

The tool lets the employees request for shift swaps through the software and time offs. This will give you an instant access to such leave requests and shift swaps and you would be able to approve or reject them on the move.

Planday Track time & availability

Planday provides a great way of communicating with your employees. Apart from letting the managers communicate with the employees or employee groups, it will also aid in interconnectivity between the employees. This helps in streamlined and organised requests for shift swaps and such kind of communications between the employees – at the same time letting the managers having a control over them.

Some of the special features of the tool are –

  • Employee scheduling
  • The ability to create schedule templates
  • Communication between employees or between employees and managers
  • Payroll export
  • Revenue tracking
  • Absence, leave and vacation tracking

These are just the couple of tasks that can be performed by Planday. Put in simple words, the software is well suited to be the ultimate tool for Employee management.

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Pricing and subscriptions

Planday offers you two plans. The plans are labelled Starter Plan and Plus Plan.

Starter Plan

Plan Charges – $2 per user per month.

Features – This plan is best suited for startups who do not need much of employee management. The starter plan will let you plan, communicate and change shifts.

What’s Included –

  • Employee Scheduling
  • Schedule Templates
  • Employee Communications
  • Shift swaps, bids and approval
  • Cost tracking – hourly employees
  • Payroll export
  • Document storage
  • Scheduling rules
  • Free telephone and email support

Plus Plan

Plan Charges – $4 per user per month.

Features – This plan should work well with large organisations and huge corporates. The plan is best suited for those who wish to check costs or revenue tracking, It also offers a lot of help in attaining complete administrative control over employees.

What’s Included –
The plan includes all the services mentioned above for the Starter plan. However, the plan also comes with additional features like

  • Cost tracking – salaried employees
  • Absence and vacation
  • Overtime and lieu tracking
  • Salary supplements
  • Revenue tracking
  • Advanced reporting
  • Employee contracts with electronic signatures

Apart from these basic plans, you can add Punch Clock at the cost of $1 per user per month. The add-on lets you get accurate time tracking of your employees.

If you are a little sceptical about the usability or functionality of the service, you can choose to opt for a free trial that lasts 30 days.

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A few points in connection with the subscriptions –

  1. A user is an employee with a Planday login. You will only be charged for the number of active employees with the Planday login.
  2. The billing cycle will be chosen by you. If you decide to go for a monthly cycle, that would be acceptable. However, annual billing will have a benefit of 5% discount.
  3. The SMS charges will be applicable as per the plan agreed upon with your telecom operator. There would be additional installation charges.
  4. Planday offers you a special price if your organisation has more than 200 employees – that means 200 users (as per the description above of the term User).

Is it suitable for me?

Well, it is definitely a good option for any kind of organisation. It supports multiple languages and that would make it an ideal tool for any region. The languages supported are English, Danish, German, Polish, Norwegian, and Swedish. It does come with a host of benefits like easier and faster employee scheduling, on the move coordination with the help of mobile apps(Planday has apps for Android and iOS) and the best in class customer support.

Planday does not need you to have any technical expertise to be able to use it effectively. The tool is suitable for all levels of skills right from beginners to expert users. It is suitable and can be customised for any business including hotels, restaurants, bars, retailers, call centers, fitness clubs, and leisure centers.

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The final words

Planday simplifies your employee management needs. With an automated performance, you are definitely in for a better planning of your workforce. As a Planday user, you will not need to spend time unnecessarily on mundane tasks like creating and changing spreadsheets, tracking the employees or other such tasks. The time thus saved can effectively be used to address other urgent matters. Visit the official website of Planday for more information.

Planday Employee scheduling software
Planday Review
Planday is the best employee scheduling software out there in the market. with much more options to deal with & simple interface, it provides the value for your bucks.

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