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Police release footage of crash from self driving Uber Car Accident

Tempe police department has released the video footage on Twitter of self-driving uber car accident happened this week. Video footage showed moments before the crash happened with both exterior & interior view of the crash. The crash is the nation’s first pedestrian death involving an autonomous / self-driving car.

Here is the video released by Tempe police in their official Twitter handle.

The video clearly showcased that the self-driving Volvo had a backup operator 44-year-old Rafaela Vasquez & the vehicle hit a pedestrian ( Elaine Herzberg of Mesa ) who’s crossing the avenue with her bicycle. The video was trimmed & they have released only the moments before the crash & Elaine died due to injuries after the crash.

The investigation is still going on about possibilities of the incident considering different aspects, the speed limit in that area is 35 mph but the car was driving at 40 mph at the time of the crash. Also, more questions about the technology in these self-driving cars, even though the backup operator Vasquez identified the pedestrian just moments before it would be difficult to change the autonomous driving into the manual in a matter of seconds & apply breaks.

Given the technology, the sensors they are using to identify objects around the road, further investigation is going on about does the sensors picked up or applied brake etc. Self-driving cars always faced the heat from the media & experts about the possibility of risking the lives of the travelers along with the pedestrians, these cars are designed for the purpose to provide better functionality & eliminate human errors but doesn’t seem to like working for it.


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