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A portfolio website is necessary for building a great looking brand which is professional and will attract more business. In fact, you are better off building a portfolio than sprucing up a CV. Your portfolio will get people more interested in you and gives more insight into who you are than a resume could.

If your business involves web design, you cannot do without a portfolio. An online portfolio gives your client a feel of you and helps them decide whether your services are what they are searching for.

What are Website Templates?

A web template is webpage that is predesigned for clients to use to create their own content and images when creating a website. They are basically built with a HTML code or a CSS one.

This way, even a novice is able to build their own website without hiring a web developer. In fact, many web designers rely on web templates to build websites for their clients. What anyone running an online business needs is a great looking modern portfolio website.

Photography portfolio

Portfolio website templates such as the ones offered by TemplateMonster are what you need to get your website started right.

Portfolio Website Templates by TemplateMonster

There are myriads of web templates to choose from. You must be careful to go for one that can also be viewed on mobile devices since so many people just check their devices on the go.

TemplateMonster offers at least 20 portfolio website templates such as the following:

·    Bootstrap Website Template

·    Photographer Portfolio Website Template

·    Moving Company Responsive Website template

·    Fantastic-Beauty Salon Template

·    Touch Photo Website Template

·    Personal Page Responsive Website Template

Many of the portfolio websites templates fall under the following categories:

·    Responsive

·    Bootstrap

·    Full website mobile version

·    Mobile Upgrade

·    Mobile and mobile optimized

Benefits of a Website Template

A portfolio website template from TemplateMonster gives you the chance to create a website with a clear vision that appeals to your clients. It clearly highlights the purpose of your website and displays your work and skills for your customers or clients to view.

It also ensures that it does not deflect the client from the work that is displayed. The competent use of colour, images, and typeface aids in allowing your customers to connect with your work. A website must be designed for the audience.

Portfolio template

Moreover, your website will be connected to various social media platforms so that your customers and visitors can easily interact. This connection ensures that your site gains exposure on social media sites when you include your portfolio bio on the added social media sites.

Websites That Benefit from Portfolio Templates

Any business that is run online can reap huge benefits from Portfolio website templates. Sites that offer gaming services, photography, salon and beauty solutions, events, companies and even online stores can create professional and appealing websites using portfolio templates.

Sample template

Templates help you with issues such as making use of your HTML headings and widgets effectively. This makes it easy when you share content in your blog. Additionally, it also simplifies checking your user experience which helps in making your website more accessible to users.

They also provide you with .jpg/.gif, text, shopping carts, animation, galleries, PDF download link pages, video players, slideshows and a variety of other features to make your website appealing to users.


Portfolio website templates make the process of building your website so much easier as well as cost effective. Getting one for your site from a seasoned vendor such as TemplateMonster is one tried and tested way to get customers and clients streaming to your website.

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