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Prisma now works in Offline

Prisma, the photo editing app which has launched a few months ago, has made an essential update to its IOS App. Prisma IOS App ( 2.4 version ) will now allow image processing in offline mode also. This is a much-needed update because of most of the users who are  frustrated with server load issues, the app is facing after the initial release, taking it to offline which reduce these.

Prisma, which uses ANN ( Artificial Neural Network ) to process the images and edit them in different styles.

ANN is similar to the nervous system of our body, where there are more number of inputs then the estimated function can be drawn using the characterisation of those inputs.

Update Includes

Prisma IOS update

This major update also reduces the time taken for processing the image. Prisma labs stated that time taken for processing the image in iPhone 6S and 6S plus will be reduced and there will no battery drain issues because of that.

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Though the update doesn’t include all the filters to work in offline, only some of them are gonna work in offline. Slowly they gonna pass it to all the filters to have access in offline.

Prisma labs are trying out to include editing videos in the near future with prisma app.

As usual Android update gonna delay by a week or two, the expected release date of this update in Android is in the Second week of September.


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