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Proxy vs VPN – What’s The Difference?

We assume most of you have already heard about the terms proxy server and VPN server. But do you actually know what the main difference between those two is?

Do you know how they really work? And more importantly – which of them will be better for you as an average Internet user.

Proxy vs VPN

Generally, the idea behind those two terms is very simple. This and much more we will discuss in the following article. So, if you have more questions, keep reading.

Let’s start!

Proxy or VPN?

To eliminate personal information exposing while surfing the Internet, computer users have discovered special security systems and programs.

Proxy and VPN are two of those technologies that help you to browse websites securely and anonymously. So, what is the difference and what should you choose?

The main problem for Internet users hides in the everlasting Proxy vs VPN issue regarding safety, privacy, and performance.


 A proxy is a computer, which the traffic goes through before reaching the web service. It performs as a mediator between your computer and the web service.

It acts as a go-between and connects to the Internet for you. Thus, the web service interprets you as a proxy. It can’t see your real IP address and geographical location. A proxy is never enough if you are looking for complete privacy.


 A VPN is a virtual private network. It hides your real IP address too. Additionally, it gives encryption to your traffic, which provides an extra layer of security. Thus, the web services can’t read both your real IP address and traffic. So, the secret weapon of VPN services is encryption.

It is an important element which helps VPN to stand out. Actually, encryption is the coding of information. No one can see what websites you are going to and what you are doing there.

The only minus is speed and the encrypted connection is running a little slower. The difference is not drastic, but for some users, this can be noticeable enough. 

So, what would we recommend if asked what kind of service you need the most? Both proxy and VPN can make it seem as if you are connecting from the other part of the world.

This helps to unblock restricted online shops and music websites. But VPN services have a huge bonus as known as extra security – encryption. Well, for general all-purpose privacy on the Internet we would recommend a VPN definitely. It is a better version of a proxy, which is easy to set-up and use.

The only thing you need to remember is to choose a trustworthy and respectful VPN company to be sure in final results. Yes, you will have to pay a certain amount of money, but remember a famous proverb  “There is no such thing as free lunch “

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