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Raspberry Pi alternatives

If you are looking to build a single board computer, Raspberry Pi has been one of the highly prominent options. In fact, it has beaten most of its competitors with its high degree of performance characteristics.

It provides you with a host of options that include CPU, GPU, Memory, USB ports, and video outputs. However, there have been a lot of competitors coming up for Raspberry Pi. 

Let us check out a few exciting options for the best in terms of Raspberry Pi alternatives. 

Orange Pi Prime

The Orange Pi Prime has been growing in popularity over the past few years. What makes it a preferable choice as the Raspberry Pi alternative is it comes with an affordable price tag. The board meets most of the customization options out of the box. While it can use a  2k video using the Mali GPU, the price remains considerably low. 

The board supports the operating systems such as Ubuntu, Debian, and Raspbian along with Linux. In fact, you can even run Android on it. The connectivity options supported on the board would include HDMI output, Gigabit Ethernet port, Wi-Fi b/g/n, and Bluetooth.


The 2 GB RAM capability can offer performance comparable to Raspberry Pi. The 2G modem that forms part of the package is best suited for the short distance transfer. 

Asus Tinker Board 

Excellent software compatibility, plenty of power options and a good form factor are a few factors that go in its favor and make it one of the best Raspberry Pi alternatives.

The operating system compatibility can range across a broader range and provides support for Linux distributions such as TinkerOS and Ubuntu to FlintOS for a Chrome OS experience, Android, and RetroPie.

It may not be an affordable option, but it can be a compelling alternative to Raspberry Pi. You will find a 40 pin connector you would typically find on a Raspberry Pi. However, it exceeds Raspberry Pi with a powerful processor and GPU options. The availability of 16 GB eMMC will make it another excellent option providing you access to an SSD like performance. It has been referred to as the Raspberry killer, thanks to its capabilities. 

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Odroid XU4

The Odroid XU4 ranks as one of the best Raspberry Pi alternatives for many of the PC building enthusiasts out there. The reasons for its popularity include the substantial support for OS, beefier performance when compared to Raspberry Pi and affordable pricing. 

The software and hardware support is one of the best when compared to the other boards available. In fact, if you are someone who loves a challenge in your choice of projects, the Odroid XU4 meets almost on every count.

It has been found to render an exceptional performance with benchmarks like C-Ray, FLAC audio encoding, and MAFFT alignment. The broader range of operating systems that it supports can be quite impressive. Some of the OSes it supports would include Ubuntu, Armbian, Arch Linux, and Kali Linux to Lakka, RetroPie, Recalbox, and GameStation Turbo. You would even be able to convert it into a personal Nintendo with the right cases. 

Banana Pi 

The Banana Pi is a 64-bit board and offers a great set of features. There is access to 2GB of RAM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an 8GB eMMC which should make it a powerful Raspberry Pi alternative. You also have access to the HDMI port and two USB ports. 

Powered by a 1.2GH quad-core ARM Cortex A53 processor, the Banana Pi provides OS support for Android, Ubuntu, Windows 10 IoT Core, Armbian, Debian, FreeBSD, and Raspbian. Considered to be a direct competitor to Raspberry Pi, it can even process high-quality videos. 8 Gigs of eMMC are one of the features that put it in fierce competition with Raspberry Pi. You also have a version of Banana Pi that can work as an open-source router or NAS device. 

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Rock 64

It completely follows Raspberry Pi and has been an excellent Raspberry Pi alternative. It makes use of a brand new quadcore processor by Rockchip. It is an open-source project and can be a delight for the developers. You also have access to schematics and customer support. 

The Raspberry Pi Alternative can work with a wide range of operating systems. In fact, it can even work with the likes of Android 7.1 plus Debian and Yocto Linux. Rock 64 has a powerful GPU Mali-450 MP2 that can decode 4k @ 60fps videos which should be yet another added advantage.

The board has two USB ports and also comes with a USB OTG support. You will have access to an eMMC module and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth adapter. The connectivity options include microSD slot to PCIe x4, USB 3.0 and 2.0 and a gigabit Ethernet port. 

Udoo Bolt 

If you are someone who is trying to extract the power of a desktop from a single board computer, Udoo Bolt should be your prime option. While other SBCs focus on the ARM-based architecture, Udoo focusses on getting access to a desktop level of power. 

AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 graphics powers the board. It is compatible with 64-bit architecture and supports all Linux distributions. You can even run Windows 10 on Udoo Bolt. The board offers plenty of storage options in the form of M.2, SATA, eMMC, and USB 3.1 ports.

It can emulate Nintendo 64, PS Portable, and Dreamcast title, PS 2, and PS 3. With the desktop power onboard, the board can handle high-end tasks such as gaming, virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) quite efficiently. 

Those were a few excellent options that can provide you with access to a wonderful experience if you are looking for the best Raspberry Pi alternatives. The options featured here should ideally meet the needs of most of the power-hungry developers out there.

The options like Udoo Bolt should ideally blow your mind to get the best ever performance comparable to the desktop experience. If the boards featured here meet your needs effectively and efficiently, do share your preferred single board computers here. 

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