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Real-World Big Data Deployments That You Should Know About

In less than two years from now, we will have twice the data we have today. This is how fast the sector is growing. Coming up with the best solutions for such an enormous amount of data calls for hiring data engineer with the best possible solutions and strategies to manage the data. While many firms now utilize big data, there are those companies and organizations that deal with extremely large amounts of data. This article will highlight some of the popular ones across the world.

The Vestas Wind Energy Turbine, Denmark

With numerous wind turbines to supply power to the national grid, Vestas, a Danish firm, relies on big data deployment through supercomputers that manage their turbines. The main task is to analyze all the incoming data and select those turbines with optimal power production.
The supercomputers access data from various sources including the weather department and the past history of each turbine.

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According to one of their data experts, the algorithms set to analyze this data have to peruse through a huge pool of information to make a sensible conclusion. This is how the top management makes decisions to increase power production and reduce costs.

National Archives and Records Administration, USA

NARA keeps all the records in the USA. Its experts claim that it deals with over 140 TB of data from different branches of government like the US Congress, government departments and other government agencies. What makes it even more complicated is that they have to deal with thousands of different formats as more agencies keep on digitizing their work.

Further, they also have to digitize their hard copy records, which will add more data to the system. Their data solution providers are the best because they already have a set system to manage the data appropriately.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA

Another agency that deals with a huge amount of data is NOAA. It works hand in hand with NASA. Being in this status for the last five decades, they have seen the transition from the analog era to the digital era. Their data management strategies are among the best because they have grown with the organization.

Today, they access billions of observations using sensors from ships and satellites among many others. Due to their reliability and accuracy in predictions and data analysis, many organizations also rely on their data.

University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada

The UOIT’s medical monitoring department works together with IT giant IBM to monitor sensitive medical data. Their primary role is to keep tabs on the critical indicators for various illnesses and tests. The assessors can read and understand the graphical display on the screens.
Little do they know that the background data analysis is usually very detailed and that the computer analysis must peruse through thousands of files of information to give such results.

Most of the experts agree that this is one of the most sensitive big data interpretation projects since it deals with human life.Even though these are not the only institutions in the world where big data is applied, they are some of the best in this sector.

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