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Removing Blemishes with Movavi Photo Editor

Have you ever snapped a photo where you look absolutely stunning – except for that annoying pimple that just surfaced that very morning? Don’t you think it would be useful if you could edit your photo and make it go away, along with any other blemishes or skin imperfections?

Touching up portraits by editing them can be tricky, which is why you should try Movavi Photo Editor. Compared to any other editors you may have attempted to use in the past, using it as a blemish editor will be a walk in the park.

How to Remove a Blemish

If you already have a photo that you’d like to edit and remove a blemish from – why not launch Movavi Photo Editor so that you can get started right now. In the photo editor’s interface, you can then click on the ‘Browse for Images’ button and select the photo that you want to edit, or drag and drop the file as indicated.

Blemish editor with movavi

To gain access to the tools that you need to remove blemishes, open up the ‘Retouching’ tab located in the upper navigation bar of Movavi Photo Editor’s interface. Within the sidebar that opens up, you’ll see numerous tools – one of which should be clearly labeled as ‘Blemish removal’.

All that you need to do at that point is select the ‘Blemish removal’ tool and adjust the brush size using the slider below it so that it roughly corresponds to the blemish that you’d like to remove. Next just click on the blemish – and it should vanish right then and there before your very eyes.

To finalize the changes that you’ve made you can then click ‘Apply’ and click ‘Save’ if you want Movavi Photo Editor to save the photo. Before saving it, however, you should explore the other tools under the retouching tab as well.

Remove blemish using movavi

Some of the useful tools that you may want to try out are the ‘Wrinkle removal’ tool to get rid of wrinkles and the ‘Skin smoothening’ tool to cover up bumps and pores. Make no mistake there are lots of other tools in Movavi Photo Editor that you can use to fix red-eye, whiten teeth, or even apply a wide range of digital make-up, hair colors, and more.

As you may have noticed all these features consist of tools that are in the ‘Retouching’ tab alone. If you take a few minutes to explore the rest of Movavi Photo Editor, you’ll see how it can be used to perform other alterations as well, such as enhancing the image quality, applying filters, removing unwanted elements, and more.

All in all, it is safe to say that if you take advantage of Movavi Photo Editor’s features you should be able to ensure that your photos look as perfect as humanly possible. On your part, all that it will take is a few minutes of your time to try out each feature, experiment with what it can do, and apply it to your photos.

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